FEEDBACK: NJPW King of Pro Wrestling 2019

Leave your feedback to today’s card at Sumo Hall.

We will have a full review on the Cafe later today.


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A good show, the best match was ELP vs Ospreay, mainly because there was no doubt who was winning in the last two matches. I usually love an EVIL big time singles match but this time I was completely zoned out and uninterested. At no point they made me believe there might be an upset, and it was absolutely to the detriment of the match. The same goes for the main event.
Another thing I didn’t understand was why they put a 6-man after two huge singles matches (especially when one is a title match). The Finlay return was really flat. Despy is back and it’s great, surprised he didn’t get the traditional “wrestler who returns from injury gets pinned” treatment. Is there anyone even close to compete with Ospreay for wrestler of the year?
7 out of 10


I woke up to watch this early and get some work done. I tuned just before the Liger-Suzuki match and saw the rest of the card Live. Unfortunately the Liger-Suzuki match left me underwhelmed as they have had almost a year long build to this match and it lacked some of the heat and emotion I expected. Also, if rumors are Suzuki is on his way out, and you need to build to a big Liger retirement match in the Dome it was an odd choice to beat Liger here.

ELP and Osprey take home match of the night. Osprey has been incredible and we may look back on 2019 as one of the best single years of a wrestler ever.

I’ve enjoyed the new Moxley gimick of not appearing. I know he’s had a string of bad luck but how appropriate for such an unhinged, unscripted character. Book me in a match - see if I show up!

And then there is LIJ. I get it, LIJ sells tons of merch, probably won’t be broken up any time soon, and has some of the best workers under one faction. That said, it’s starting to feel a lot like the 1990s NBA. Okada is MJ, and LIJ is basically everyone else who tried to beat MJ and the Bulls. In any other era Naito, Sanada and Evil would all make worthy IWGP Champions. Unfortunately, they are living in Okada’s New Japan. It also bothers me that 3 guys in a 6 person faction are all gunning for the same title. It just doesn’t make sense that they would all have the same goal. I’m sure it is a larger story playing out.

Was happy to wake up for this show as it had been a while since I had a good New Japan card to look forward too. 7 out of 10 because the in-ring is still high quality, you can feel stories playing out, and the novelty of watching this roster amidst so much US content is refreshing.