FEEDBACK: NJPW King of Pro Wrestling

Post your feedback on today’s NJPW King of Pro Wrestling event from Sumo Hall.

We will have a show up this afternoon for members of the POST Wrestling Café.


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0 voters

Brandon from Oshawa

First off… Chris Charlton is tremendous. He needs to be a permanent fixture on commentary.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m actually looking forward to a Taichi match. I enjoyed the little bit that he and Ospreay hooked up and I hope Ospreay takes the NEVER title. It was obvious Jericho was going to be a druid, but it was perfect. I think EVIL takes the IC title at Power Struggle and they hold off on EVIL/ZSJ until Wrestle Kingdom for the title.

Everything involving the White/Tanahashi match was fantastic. I thought it was one of Jay White’s best matches and the angle after it was terrific. I’d love to see Okada & Tanahashi team up in the tag league this year.

The main event was…WOW! That was easily the best triple threat I’ve ever seen. So many cool and creative spots.

I have a couple questions about Jericho…

  1. Do you see him more likely to wrestle at MSG or Wrestlemania?

  2. If he wrestles at MSG, who do you think he should face?

  3. Do you see any possibility at all, that he wrestles both shows?