FEEDBACK: NJPW Southern Showdown (June 29th - Melbourne)

WH Park & myself are doing a special POST Wrestling podcast covering New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Southern Showdown.

What did you think of the show, were you there live, we want to hear from you.

Anthony from Melbourne

Just got home from the show and probably just witnessed the best match I’ve ever seen live.

Eagles vs Ospreay was amazing, I could see it getting 4 stars, the crowd were hot, it really should have been in the main event slot in my opinion. The story from their previous matches, the new story with ELP and what appeared to be a face turn were all fantastic.

I hope how hot the crowd were comes across well on TV because Robbie was over, unlike Mikey Nicholls who was an example of just because it’s your home town, if your not over, your not over.

Slex had a good showing and the undercard was reasonable but not great in terms of star power was really lacking even NJPW top their talent, where was Ibushi ;(? Ticket sales were obviously soft as I originally had front row balcony seats but they closed the balcony last week and moved us to the back of the floor seats, luckily I was able to re-buy some second row tickets on re-sale but by contrast the last Melbourne show in the same building featuring the elite was full, this time half of one side of the area and the balcony were empty.

Also did a meet and great that was somewhat poorly organised, despite PLENTY of room in the area a they held off on letting people inside, which forced us to wait in rain outside for at least half an hour and then wait inside for another 15 minutes, I got to meet Jay White and Okada though, so I’m still happy.

Shoutout to Chris Charlton who gave me a wave back at the end of the night.

Bad Luck Fale is terrible.