FEEDBACK: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 – Night 2

What did you think of the show?

POST Show out later today on the Café feed.

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First let me say it has been a joy to watch your trip unfold. Very happy for you guys to get to experience such a weekend.

I gave Night 1 a 10 for its final 4 matches and while tonight had more matches with stakes it lacked the same energy.

Some takeaways from the weekend for me will be:
Psycho Ibushi
Osprey and Hiromu nailing the coolest sequence I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Flawlesss
Phenomenal announce team of 4 unique and perfect voices and styles and minds
Not understanding Ligers final match. Babyface Hiromu gets a flat reaction due to the nature of landing the final pin fall after the high of last night.
KENTA and MOX from this time last year to being in the two hottest post WK programs in New Japan
How over Judas is as an entrance song. No Judas was inexcusable on World.

Lastly, Whatever the arrangement is between AEW and New Japan - and there obviously is some arrangement even if not a formal deal - New Japan absolutely needs AEW and it’s TV exposure now that they got booted from a Axs. How are they suppose to promote a US Tour and even their World product with no tv? I see them lending guys to gain exposure and get promo plugs.

Hugh from Melbourne here.
Maybe it’s because Australia is close to Japan but my English feed on New Japan World was only out from the end of the Liger match to the intros of the Jr Heavyweight match. That makes me luckier than most judging by the live threads I was in.
I thought the early matches were all solid fun. Suzuki vs Moxley is going to be absolutely insane, I just don’t know if they could do it in the US with Mox’s AEW deal. The NEVER match was great and hard hitting and it’s nice to see Samurai Dad get big wins. The Ibushi-White match was excellent except for the chair shot and surely places White as the new number 1 contender, and the Tanahashi-Jericho match was a lot better than I was expecting it to be. There were moments I genuinely believed Tana would pick up the win, and it’ll be interesting to see how Tana recovers from losing in the Dome to a version of a Young Lion move.
The heavyweight match was fantastic and I’m glad Naito finally got his big moment on the grandest stage. Question: which was worse, the poisonrana tonight or the dragon suplex from the Omega match?
Overall I think the matches tonight all had great storytelling but nothing can touch the Jr Heavyweight and Heavyweight title matches from last night.
Hope you had a great time in Japan!

Jalen from Pickering,

Can’t say I’m amused, you have NYD for a reason. I get that we’re waiting for the Osaka roll call now. But that’s ridiculous and not nearly as satisfying.

For people claiming that, “it’s actually more fitting that he does the roll call in Osaka”, that’s a consolation prize that you’re willing to make excuses for because you like the product. Gedo has overthought Naito at this point. But I’m invested and gonna watch, so maybe I’m wrong and this is just pro wrestling doing what it’s supposed to do.

If nothing else, this show definitely told us that New Japan has headed into a new era.

Louis from Long Beach.

I’m very rarely shocked anymore with pro wrestling but that post match angle legitimately shocked me. You build up this moment for at least 2 years if not 13 for Naito and you use it to get heat on KENTA?? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. That felt like a move straight from the WWE playbook. As it was happening all I could hear was John’s voice saying “but think of the heat this will get” This was like beating somebody in their hometown x100. That ending didn’t sour the whole event but it took something that should have been a climatic end to an incredible journey and made it into New Years Dash.

Also I want to mirror MJ’s comments from above. Super happy to see and hear you guys in Japan and happy to see all the new experiences you guys are having and hoping your having an absolute blast.

Brian from New York

First of all, I’d like to make sure to make note of the announce booth today. I can’t even imagine the degree of difficulty of a 4-man booth and somehow this is their best lineup yet. They all know their roles and do them well.

The height of the main event pulled the rest of the card up today. Incredible watching Naito finally get to the top…and then ultimately see NJPW set up an hot program to jump right into with KENTA. All in all it was worth the wait to finally get to the ovation of him finally toppling Okada and the Rainmaker giving the LIJ fist in respect was a hell of a moment.

Was hard to know if the New Japan World problems took me out of the first half of the card while trying to fix the feed or if it was the crowd struggling through a second night, but it felt like two different shows split up by Suzuki coming out to confront Moxley which finally got things going. I can’t wait to see that match whenever it happens. Minoru Suzuki has unlimited final boss energy.

KENTA-Goto was fun from a pure violence standpoint.

Hoping they have something special lined up for Ibushi after two devastating losses. It felt like they hurt his momentum a ton having a rather meaningless match on the second night that he couldn’t win either.

Tana-Jericho exceeded expectations. Can’t say I’m terribly disappointed with the result. Count me in the minority who would prefer to see more NJPW time spent on their younger talent rather than having to use up spots on big cards with AEW talent which I assume would happen with a more defined working relationship. There’s so many guys who need room for singles runs - 3 in LIJ alone - that it doesn’t make a ton of sense to add more than one or two foreign guys at a time at any point in the calendar year.

One more late night tomorrow. Preparing myself for the Liger ceremony.

Adam from Wellington, New Zealand.

Just an amazing couple of nights.
Il keep this short(ish).
First off massive thank you for all yall hard work and coverage over this trip. I’ve loved following everything you’ve been doing, you guys (WH included!) are absolute legends. Much appreciated.

This is why I love wrestling. The balls to pull off a 6 year story, whether intentional or not is unprecedented and should be commended by all involved.
Every match I was looking forward to delivered, surprise of the night being Jericho/Tanahashi. However, Naito/Okada will be a mega moment in NJPW forever, and justifiably so. My wife ran out of the room to check I was ok after I went nuts for the Naito win!
Here’s to an awesome 2020 for NJPW, the Post Office and shout out to the Watchmen watch party :call_me_hand:t3::new_zealand:

Lara from Vancouver but currently the Tokyo Dome

I could complain about the weird post match but I’m not in the mood. Naito is my favourite wrestler in the world and I got to see him pin Okada in the main event of the Tokyo Dome to win the IWGP Championship. That was the greatest match I’ve ever seen in my life period, not just in person, and I’ve seen all four Okada/Omega matches.

Nothing can rob me of the feeling, or the tears of joy, that came over me when the count struck 3 and, finally after six years, Destino became Reality.

Ben from Vancouver

As someone who relies on POST to follow NJPW, but always watched Wrestle Kingdom - Kenta was a huge standout tonight.

He got the most heat, his match with Goto over delivered and his character work was good all night - but I just don’t think his beat down should have ended the show.

Incredible main event with so many false finishes I bought on. I also thought Jericho and Tanahashi was excellent.

White/Ibushi was an overbooked mess that did nothing for either guy. I really think White should be a face and he needs an overhaul. The switchblade thing just isn’t working.

Moxley and Juice also didn’t really get going enough for me but the post match with Suzuki was amazing. Great sell by Moxley of the attack.

Loved ZSJ/Sanada - both guys NJPW should be building this year. Also very cool to see El P in the dome. Watched him in the indies in BC and he deserves to be on this stage.

Like a lot of people there were major streaming issues for most of the opener, which really sucked. But things improved after the world jr tag.

Great show, 8/10

Josh from Vietnam.
The main event was great, an emotional driven match that has a clear fan favorite finally taking his place at the top of NJPW. Naito has done it, and fans everywhere rejoiced. It shows that sometimes, if you have the right writing, the right buildup, predictability is not bad.
And KENTA has to ruin it. What an asshole. He showed last night and tonight that WWE absolutely doesn’t know what to do with its Japanese talents, and honestly, it’s saddening to see Asuka, Kairi, Io, Shinsuke and others wasting their talent in WWE.
The two special single matches was good. Tanahashi vs Jericho was unexpectedly fun, whats with all the playing and taunting the crowd. Jay White vs Ibushi was great, and although it can’t compare to their matches last night, heel Jay White is a treasure.
The three undercard single title matches come and go as a blur, as I’m not sure what’s new for Sabre keeping the RevPro Heavyweight title and Goto again winning the NEVER Openweight title, aside from freeing KENTA to challenge Naito of course. Moxley beating Juice was predictable as I was sure the first NJPW double champ has to be Naito or Okada. The same can be said RPG3K winning the Junior tag belts, although the groin protection cup gimmick does help.
The opening tag match was fine, Liger took the fall as expected. The future of junior wrestling in NJPW shouldn’t be a problem with Hiromu and Ryu Lee at the top. Now let’s hope Liger’s ceremony tomorrow goes smoothly and without any asshole interrupting.
Hope you guys enjoyed your trip to Japan and here’s to many more

Matt from Peterborough UK

Night 2 felt a lot more like a dome show to me, with it having more singles matches! Really enjoyed the British Heavyweight Championship match, with a surprising outcome with Sanada not becoming the potential saviour of Brit Wres, and that Suzuki surprise was one of the highlights of the weekend for me! The main event was outstanding which capped an incredible two nights, would’ve been nice if they’d saved the Kenta attack and let the win breath a bit more as it seemed to end a bit flat afterward. The loser vs loser match came across as strange as I thought it would, very odd energy before the start and during, would’ve been better if they’d officially stuck a number 1 contender or future title shot tag to it.