Leave your feedback here for NWA Into The Fire. Mike Murray will be running through the show with me and John Pollock as part of a double review on our WWE TLC POST Show tonight.

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Ben from Vancouver

Solid show overall, with the high points being the main event and Scurlls surprise appearance.

The only bad match was the women’s tag, which I thought was very sloppy. Melina just did not belong.

Thunder Rosa and Ricky Starks both had great nights, and are two pieces NWA should be building up.

Loved Stevens winning and he’s someone that has been a highlight every week he’s been on. The Rock and Rolls were over but I was surprised they retained, not sure where the tag division goes now.

I love the TV title back but it feels like they already have too many titles. Who do you think think would be the right person for that belt? I think Starks would be perfect.

Liked Drake and Anderson too, good choice for an opener but I don’t want them to continue. Drake should be pushed to the main event.

The main event was good but basically nothing was resolved, which made it feel like a glorified Powerrrr main event. Why did Kamille come down?

But the length of the show and it’s pace was good. I’ll probably check out the next show, 6.5/10