FEEDBACK: NXT 01/20/21"Fight Pit II"

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT featuring Tommaso Ciampa vs Timothy Thatcher in a Fight Pit Match and more first round matches in the Dusty Classic!

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Chris Elliot
Wtf was that finisher by Kacy? I’ve seen some insane shit over the years but that was crazy. You wanna get the world’s attention, you pull something off like that. Now she needs to maintain that attention.
The main event was great and the right man won. Just a shame BT don’t show us picture in picture so we never knew how they got down off the platform

That reminded me of when Slim J would climb to the top and rotate along all three axes on the way down onto his opponent on NWA WildSide (back in the 1990s)


  • Karrion Kross still sucks, I’m sorry. As much as I meme about Thatcher, he’s still more interesting than Kross.

  • That move by Kacy was absolutely insane. Loved it.

  • Io returning and picking a fight with almost everyone who has crossed her is great, and now I want to see her hold onto the title for awhile longer, especially after what happened on RAW this past week (more on that in my Question of the Week), she should remain in NXT.

  • Thatcher winning sorta surprised me, but I digress. Finish was cool though.

Question of the Week: How do you guys feel about Asuka being completely squashed and having none of her offense sold by Alexa Bliss this week on RAW? Do you think it did severe damage to her? If so, would you have her come back to NXT full time and feud with the women there (maybe even Io), similar to what Finn did when he got squashed by The Fiend? Because I would love that, and find it almost impossible that she will recover from the near burial she got on Monday.

Now this is the NXT we know and love. A couple of awesome tag matches (LHP vs Imperium was ultra Lucha Lit and my match of the night) some upsets, cool moves (what was that Kacy move? ) Stallion finally showing up to claim his shot and the FIGHT PIT . More action less talk. Seeing the fresh signees to the women’s roster was cool. Good to see Thatcher get a big win in what is now his signature match. Wonder what’s next for him (and Ciampa). Kool Kyle and The Prince: The dream team we needed. I love that they are setting up stuff for next week. The dusty cups have give some extra focus there as well. Things are looking up here in the CWC. 8 chat is fires out of 10. Xia might have bumped it to a 9.

Kacy Catanzaro gave us a GIF-worthy treat with her performance tonight. She grabbed a lot of eyes with her finisher. Fight Pit’s 2nd go-round made Timothy Thatcher feel like a threat again in his signature match. The Dusty classic tag matches were good and it was so nice to see Lucha House Party do lucha things without handcuffs.

Thank god, the show addressed Curt Stallion’s title shot and I’m glad he’s getting it next week.

NXT keeps trucking along.

Jesse à MTL

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kacy Catanzaro has star written all over her.

Davie, last week you identified both of the Grizzled Young Vets as Scousers. James Drake is actually from Blackpool. I don’t blame you, though, because he too wears a red scarf. His should really be tangerine. Up the Seasiders, amirite?!

Take Care

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Not sure why people are going crazy for that move Kacy did. It looked cool…until she landed and looked like she was being pushed over someone who was kneeling behind her and barely even touched her opponent.

It was a cool move but yeah it looked like she landed on her feet prior to hitting. I think the idea is that if she can clean it up a bit it will be amazing.

Agreed, I thought the landing looked weak. Looks cool for the first 95% of it, but If that ending is what it takes to do the move safely, then it’s not a good pro wrestling move in my book.

Then again, given the degree of difficulty, maybe she just didn’t completely stick it this time. I’m sure she’ll do it again soon and we’ll see for ourselves.

Bet she can do it better than you can… (that’s your line)

Here’s a tip, if you want to try and take a shot, maybe forget the line, pointing out that it was my line. It would have worked way better.

You’re right though. She can definitely botch it better than me.