Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring more from the Dusty Classic, Santos Escobar vs Curt Stallion for the Cruiserweight Championship and an appearance from Edge!

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Good show. All the Dusty classic matches were fire. Stallion v Santos finally happened so we can stop talking about it. Even intrigued a little to see where this Kross/ Escobar thing is going

Finn vs Dunne set for Takeover. Edge with the goosebumps inducing promo. Really hope get him vs Finn and even Dunne someday. But I’m now sufficiently pumped for Takeover V-Day.

Thankfully Edge made it safely out of the parking lot.

Grimes on his way back from the moon. And of course the most important thing: SHOUTOUT TIAN SHA STORY TIME. (Where’s the shirts Uncle Paul?)

Next week with the Dusty semis looks as Booker T would say: GOODT

PS Theory’s new song sucks.

Wanted to get your comments on the following idea:

NXT featured a WWE superstar who made his name 20 years ago
AEW featured 2 NXT prospects in Neville and Ambrose in their main event.

What’s it like reviewing wasNXT knowing the talent you see ultimately make it to the main event of other companies while the show you watch featured a guy who was retired during the period you cover on wasNXT.

Interesting juxtaposition tonight


Chris Leone,

Not counting specials like New Year’s Evil or Halloween Havoc, this was one of the best episodes of NXT in quite some time. The in-ring action was great, with all of the Dusty Cup matches being high quality. The TakeOver card is coming together and it looks absolutely stacked. Everything about Edge’s appearance worked. He was on screen for about 5 minutes and put over about half a dozen guys. I actually believe he follows and enjoys this show and wants the talent to succeed.

Some other things that popped me tonight: Regal showing off his brass knucks to Edge. Escobar not backing down from Kross. He looked like a badass even though this pairing is odd. And Tian Sha??? Really enjoyed this show and excited for what’s to come.

NXT tonight was pretty decent.

  • Karrion Kross was a lot more interesting tonight. If you ignore the tick tock line, he actually sounds like a normal person who should be cutting his own promos. Still not a fan of the wrestling stuff, but this week was an improvement from a character perspective.
  • Io Shirai just chillaxin on the top rope watching Mercedes and Toni murder each other before picking up the scraps was cool as hell.
  • Toni’s promo and wrestling tonight was pretty damn weak. I can probably write off the match since it never really kicked it into a higher gear (also it was Jessi Kamea), but she isn’t capable of carrying greener talents. And her promo was incredibly formulaic.

Statement of the Week: Send Asuka back to NXT, especially after RAW this past week.

A fun show.

  • Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter are coming out of the Dusty classic in a better position.

  • Given Raquel’s current trajectory, is there a split from Dakota Kai coming down the horizon?

  • I think Karrion Kross getting paired with Santos Escobar isn’t a demotion for Kross but an elevation for Escobar.

  • Finally, Curt Stallion got his title match. He had a good outing

  • Edge’s appearance elevated the NXT and it was enticing to see him mingle with Finn and Pete. Making their title match even more must-see

  • I loved Leon Ruff pulling an Eddie Guerrero spot.

  • Io Shirai chilling on the top rope was EVERYTHING.

  • UE vs Ciampa/Thatcher was very good.

Don’t forget that the main event also featured the surprise appearance of another “NXT prospect” who wasn’t good enough to be on the main roster and slummed it on 205 Live…

Very good show I thought. Nice that the AEW marks are upset by it. Complaining about a middle aged man that can still go and is still a big deal putting some shine on NXT main eventers while AEW is relying on an 80 year old that can’t go and an old basket ball player to desperately try and get over 1 mil even though people are past caring about either of them.

AEW beating NXT in the ratings should be reacted to as if AEW beat one of WWE’s main shows but NXT aren’t allowed to have stars from WWE’s main shows because that’s cheating, only AEW can have wrestlers from WWE’s main shows… okay.

Anyway, a good show. Wrestling show > clown show.

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It wasn’t a complaint. It was a legit question that Davie and Braden are uniquely positioned to answer as they are watching NXT from 7-8 years ago and NXT today. Name me two other people doing that simultaneously and I’ll go ask them. If I wanted to complain I’d have laid it out as you did directly :roll_eyes:

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