FEEDBACK: NXT 11/14/18

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What match are you anticipating most at NXT TakeOver: War Games?

  • War Games
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream
  • Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane
  • Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano

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Chris from Los Angeles

Long time first time.

First off Congrats are in order for holding it down for the Post Wrestling empire and winning the WWE trivia night.

Go home show for NXT TakeOver and all those video packages got me hyped for this Saturday.

Bianca Belair continues to rack up the wins. Don’t know how close she is to a title
program, but certainly looks like she might be on the radar and wouldn’t mind seeing her in a more prominent role.

Matt Riddle just oozes with charisma and kills it again with his backstage promo challenging Ohno.
He has all the skills and talent to be the face of NXT and hope to see him in main event status sooner rather than later.

Not a fan of Lacey Evans, so I’m glad she squashed the other girl with that punch, although it didn’t look as impressive as Nia’s face break punch. Poor Becky.

Kyle O’reily and Hanson put on a great main event and can’t wait to see how crazy the War Games match is gonna be. The War Games match could easily be one of the best matches of 2018 considering all the top talent that’s in it

I’ll be at Staples Center this Saturday and I’m very much looking forward to a great night of matches. NXT never disappoints so I’m sure I’ll have a great time.


Jalen from Pickering,

The fact that the opening match is either gonna be the women’s title match or Gorgonzola vs Black shows just how incredible this card is. Thank you NXT for an incredible year for Takeovers.


What’s your pick for match of the night?

Who do you think will be the guy that gets the spotlight for each team at War Games?

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

I know she still has some things to sort out but Belair is the future of the NXT women’s division.

Though im gutted we have to wait until next week to see it, Riddle/Ohno will be sooooo good. Great promo just showing how charismatic Riddle is but did he say DayBut? Bro its debut…

Evans is like Ohno. She is solid in ring but why is she there? If not put in a title program just send her up. But i am a fan of team Boo-Tay. She needs to be a NXT regular.

Main event was great and with the result adds a layer of intrigue though i assume this is due to Dunne being injured?

Question…With Ciampa and Gargano’s hype videos both containing eachother, do you see them reforming DIY? Maybe a Dusty Classic win leading to the 3rd match at WM? They still have the 3 way to do with Black too for the Rumble TakeOver.

Cheers boys,

What’s up guys, Question if and when undisputed era moves up to the main roster who do you guys think should join, I say Kevin Owens. Side note I’m looking forward to coming up to hang in the 6 with you guys for summer slam weekend next year, cheers bros

Biggest takeaway from last night’s show was how great an idea it is to decide the War Games advantage via a match as opposed to a “random” coin flip that always goes the heels’ way. Creates a more organic way of giving those same heels the (obvious) advantage. I am curious if the Dunne angle was done (no pun intended) to account for his legit injury and minimize his time and activity in the cage.

Potential show of the year coming up on Saturday. I love that TakeOver feel where you don’t care which match is first or next, because you’re actively looking forward to them all. I pop along with the crowd when the match graphic comes up to lead into the always-excellent video package.

Saw Ciampa/Dream at a house show a month ago, and the two should really put on something fun under the bright lights of pay-per-view. Don’t be surprised if Dream breaks out a famous Bret Hart ringpost move…

Also: da-butt.

Happy to have lent a hand at trivia last night. I thought we were done after a hellacious third round but were saved in the fourth by two ‘big’ Big Show questions…

Watched some of this show this morning and was a serviceable go-home show. To be fair, nothing is needed to set up another great Takeover. I hope Lacey Evans gets a post-Survivor Series call-up so we don’t have to see her week in and out anymore. An outlier in an otherwise solid women’s division. Cheers guys!