FEEDBACK: NXT 2.0 December 7th 2021

Please leave all your feedback for tonight’s NXT 2.0!

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Hate to say it but both heels looked good taking out Kyle and Johnny. They had WWE bigger guy appeal compared to the genetically inferior guys leaving us. Pour one out.

Seeing Kyle next week should be great. (Is that possible Winter is Coming)

Johnny I suspect becomes Johnny Indy. Johnny Dad. And who knows. Maybe joins AEW and opens the forbidden door and wrestle Ciampa at End Game.

I’m continuing to enjoy NXT2.0. Its back to a blank canvas. Throw stuff against a wall and see where it splatters and what works. It’s really closer to its origins now and as somebody who thought the USA network run of Black/Gold was too overproduced and hyped, I enjoy this type of offering as easy to watch with simple characters. Vignettes. I just wish it was 1 hour and not Live