FEEDBACK: NXT June 8th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s “go home” edition of NXT!

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MJ with rare feedback these days,
I watched NxT tonight while working late. I have really not watched much WWE anything outside PeacockViews in a while.

If you were casting for a role in a film you could probably easily swap LA Knight for Zach Ryder, Bronson Reed for Samoa Joe and Escobar for Andrade. My point is, these guys all just fit a part and if NXT is a feeder to Main Roster then it seems pretty obvious it’s just stereotypes and body types and not the actual performer in terms of filling out a roster.

Anyway, very impressed Fandango and Brees both still employed by this company. That’s not sarcasm. I think they at least have a unique vibe whereas a lot of NXT tag teams didnt really differentiate themselves for me. Just some good team names.
I absolutely adore Poppy’s voice and want her to read bed time stories to me. Also NXT should go all in on music promotion and sign artists they can produce. That idea came to me while watching Poppy release an EP on their show. Also, Braden what’s an EP. Keeping with the music: Hit Row is going to be SO over in Brooklyn!! and Drake has a great babyface theme now. Reminds me of Bayleys but like for a guy.
And enough of Michael Hayes. Who’s he appealing to, the 50+ crowd? NXT can really carve out a cool crossover niche with the music stuff and their touring but nobody remotely trendy is interested in the creepy old guy pitching a subscription service. Who is popping I’m the back to hear Michael Hayes say Peacock in promos?

Lastly, I missed the last segment but Kross is so over produced he needs to be on the main roster already. I miss the more gritty NXT. You guys make it sound way better when I don’t watch so thanks for that! Stay well, be safe, and enjoy your lives again. See you up the road.