Hellllllo! New upNXT and Forever Young Thursday! Post any comments or questions for NXT and MYC here!

Nese vs. Gargano was fire! I want to see more crossovers and have 205 guys come down for a random NXT match.

The Loran & Birch segment was awesome. I wish the main roster did this kind of thing. It made me actually care about them. Think these guys will end up on the main roster?

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

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Tozawa vs Gallagher, & Kalisto vs TJP were good matches. Enjoying TJP taking the Lucha House Party’s masks.

Finally there should be no way that Buddy Murphy loses his Championship match at the MCG in two days time. But it WWE and they need heat.

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“Aces & Eights” in a trios match vs some “jobbers(?)”. I’m sorry but TNA ruined wrestling bikers for me, everyone now just seems like that to me.

  • MYC

Awesome yo see both Storm & Ripley advance to the semi finals.

Questio: Without having read ahead, do you expect any MYC women to be apart on Evolution excludingthe finalists.

Miss you guys. If I ever get off my sick bed and find my way back to Toronto, we’ll have to pay good ol’ MJ Watson a visit. Anyways I’m like five episodes behind on NXT and haven’t even cracked the MYC open because I’m a fake wrestling fan and I wait til the week before Takeover to binge watch the shows on the network. But alas, what Network-exclusive tournaments would you guys like to see next? IMO A true revival of the King of the Ring taking place at Full Sail would be dope.

Jesse from the 6


Y’all have commented in recent weeks on the weirdness that is the Lacey Evans character. But even beyond the question of, “Is she just nostalgic or does she actually believe the year is 1952?”, she’s weird.

First, she’s a “lady” from a previous generation. She has accused Candice Lerae of not standing by her husband. Does this mean Evans believes women should be housewives? If so, then why is she a wrestler?

Second, this seemingly out-of-date mentality is contradicted by her finish, “a Woman’s Right”. What the hell is with this name? I get it’s a pun but…a woman’s right to what? To chose? Is Evans a heel because she believes women should have the right to an abortion if they so choose? What the hell kinda Republican propaganda is this?

And lastly, why is her right hand so devastating? She’s not a giant like Big Show. Did she use to box? Does she have shrapnel in her hand, a la Lex Luger, from serving in the marines? And there’s another thing, she actually was a marine! Not a fake one like Cena or the Miz but a real life marine. How you can’t get a real life marine and mother, who came from a troubled family and whose father died of a drug overdose, over to an American crowd as a face, I don’t know.

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nxt was overall good. i guess candice saw the difference between bayley and becky on the main roster and went for the more badass look. lacey evans’ finisher needs some flash. maybe she should steal the lightning fist. both hype up segments were great. bianca is an amazing promo. i could give zero shits about the bikers, 5-star lars or ec3 though.

i really enjoyed MYC as well. the main event was fire, they fucked each other up real good. i thought mercedez should’ve went on. the finish was nasty though, mercedez sold it like a champ. i really like rhea ripley, her selling and movements in the ring are really entertaining.

205 was ok. main event kind of dragged. had weird pacing.

Jalen from Pickering,

NXT: Look at the ring general, 5 star Lars getting the best out of EC3, who’s tanned so much he’s become the same colour as his hideous fur.
NXT’s been weird for me lately, and I think it’s because of the gap between Takeovers. The programs for the next Takeover either haven’t started yet, or are in very early stages, so the stories are lacking. Hopefully we can get some clear direction for the big players in the next couple weeks. I also think it’s time for the next step in this Aleister Black story, hopefully Nikki or Regal drop something juicy, maybe something after Nikki’s match next week.
Promo packages were great though, I haven’t heard the word, “Legacy”, that much since it was the name of a faction.

MYC: This tournament has blown last years out of the water. The talent, presentation, and commentary (which still isn’t great) are all significant improvements from last year. Toni Storm is a star who injects a lot of personality into her wrestling, and Ripley has all the potential in the world. But she needs to find a way to better incorporate “rip apart” into her promos.
But god damn the main event was badass! Satomura is undoubtedly the MVP thus far, and I need to see her against Toni Storm! This is kinda weird, but while watching Martinez in this tournament, I thought about how much cooler the Riott Squad would be if it was her, Ruby, and Mia Yim. That sounds like a badass trio to me.

Carlos from Sunny Scotland

Just NXT for me this week. Liked all the promo work this week, makes a tag team or a title match seem that much bigger. Gargano/Neese was just amazing to watch and makes me thinknof all the 5 star matches Gargano could have with other 205 guys on NXT. I may get heat but i like Evans except she needs a better finish but each match she looks better. 6 man tag was ok but looks like we have a new Reigns in Jackson the way they positioned him as the quiet muscle like when the shield debuted. Also 5 star lars with a headbutt…Money.

Question…NA title match, Dunne mentioned being a 2 continent champ so how cool would it be to see him win then debut on RAW for the IC title to be technically the world champion…

Cheers lads


I was expecting nothing from EC3 and Lars and I’m so shocked with how well they worked together. EC3 swarming at the start made for an impressive beginning and once Lars had taken control there were more than enough hope spots to keep me invested. How they managed to be that good after such a great match between Nese and Gargano is beyond me.

Also loved the NA triple threat build and the Lorcan & Burch profile.

I wanna point out that the Forgotten Sons aren’t actually bikers, they’re supposed to be military vets (as two of them actually are) but since debuting on TV that part of the gimmick has basically been completely dropped; on the house show circuit they were even alligned with Lacey Evans for a while, playing off her military record. Unfortunately you can’t have a heel group of military vets so now they look like SAnitY and Aces & Eight’s had babies and forgot to buy them motorcycles. It’s just a bad gimmick whatever it is though.


I’ve been fan of Hiroyo Matsumoto for just over a year now and I’ve literally never seen her have a bad match. Her two matches in this tournament are, for me, the two best so far this year. Toni was never losing this (nor should she have) but we as viewers have lost out on some great matches for Matsumoto’s elimination.

Meiko/Mercedes had me giddy with excitement as soon as it was confirmed as happening and the hype package only got me more pumped! The match did not disappoint. So much good stuff! Matsumoto might have been in my two top matches of this tournament but Meiko’s in matches three and four. Awesome stuff.


Gargano vs Nese was excellent. Nese’s style of wrestling was closer to what he did during the cruiserweight classic. I think Gargano can have a 5 star match with anyone, even my granddad. I did not watch EC3 vs Lars Sullivan that came after that. I bet it wasn’t great.


I loved Kacy’s match and her botch. I’m glad Rhea won. Toni Storm doing Peyton’s perfect plex was nice wink. Meiko vs Mercedes was tremendous. Best match so far, not far from 5 stars in my book. I’m sad that Taynara Cutie lost.