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Jesse from the 6

Dragunov vs WALTER was 7 Stars
The rest mostly just made me sad.

Take Care

P.S. Porter vs CNO was lit and Fire Frank is scary good.


Dragunov vs Walter 2 > Joe Punk 2. It will own you

Ben from Vancouver

Thought it was a good show.

Dragunov vs Walter was incredible, but none of it makes me or anyone else want to watch NXT UK ever.

Joe did not look good. I see him vacating the title and what follows is a tournament for this new “NXT” full of guys that Vince likes.

Cole/O’Reilly was good, not great. It blows my mind that they had Cole for four years and never ran with him as a babyface. The crowd wants to cheer that guy and I guess they will in AEW.

Everything else was fine. Feels like Kai is main roster bound and will probably job to Charlotte in a few weeks.

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That Walter/Ilya match really was something else. How does WWE allow these two to be so brutally physical with one another and then provide such a milquetoast product otherwise?

Any chance Walter heads to the main roster? I know it’s been said in the past that Walter really doesn’t want this (smart man) and prefers to stay in Europe but… he looks like the PERFECT Vince guy right now. Gotta think he would find some financial encouragement to get Walter State-side.