FEEDBACK: NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV

Leave us your feedback to the NXT TakeOver Brooklyn card from the Barclays Center.

Tune into tonight’s NXT TakeOver Brooklyn POST Show with Braden Herrington, Davie Portman & I.

The show will be available on both the upNXT and POST Wrestling feed.


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0 voters

Brandon from Oshawa

2 of the small highlights of the show for me…Garganos Venom inspired gear and Ronda yelling out about Kairi “Shes not even a real pirate” I had to rewind that one, because it got so many laughs in my household. Rest of the show was great as usual. I was kind of hoping the mystery attacker who laid out Aleister, would strike at the end of the night and lay out someone. I asked on Rewind-A-Smackdown about the Wargames event, you mentioned the possibility of Gargano & Ciampa having teams. If that happens, who do you guys see as part of each team? It looks like Undisputed Era/War Raiders are going to feud, but would you throw them in there and hold off on that match until the Takeover before Rumble?

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Hey guys, Hugh from Melbourne. I think Shayna’s booking has been absolutely perfect. In her entire tenure, she’s only been pinned clean once, at the MYC finals, which can be chalked up to relative inexperience. Ember got a lucky stackup in their first match and Kairi got a sneaky counter here. Do you see Shayna being called up right away or do you think she gets a little more time at the PC? Personally I’d like to see Dakota Kai finally get her win over Shayna before she gets called up

Matt from Tennessee

As expected another amazing Takeover. Awesome opener, great and much deserved win from Dream, fantastic match from Cole/Ricochet with one of the sickest counters I’ve seen in a long time. I think that superkick counter will replace Shelton/HBK on the superkick highlight reel, or at least it should anyway. I’m not a huge fan of Kairi cause it’s hard for me to get invested in the pirate gimmick but I liked the post match celebration for her, I felt her emotion. Finally another classic from Gargano/Ciampa. Not really surprised by the ending either. I’m guessing Gargano will be gone for a while to play out the “injury” but I don’t see who is going to be Ciampa’s opponent. I can’t wait for the next NXT show, going to be interesting

Also how would you rank each of the Ciampa/Gargano matches between the CWC match, Unsanctioned match, Street Fight and tonight’s match?

Great Takeover as usual. I don’t THINK NXT NOLA can be topped. Every match was nigh perfect that night. As for tonight, every match was good. The Deam match dragged in spots but Riccochet vs Cole was amazing!. He’s the perfect high flyer and these guys should be be fighting for the top wwe titles on the main roster not a mid card nxt belt.

Sane is Basler’s best opponent and I Ioved the finish. Shayna was totally protected by kicking out of the Insane elbow and looked strong in defeat.

The main event was good but i guessed we’d get a screwy finish. I agree with John. It was third of three in their series. Great call backs and intensity but I didnt see three title changes in a row happening. I hope they separate for a bit but climax with a Johnny Wrestling win.

Not a 100% show like NOLA but 90% for me or 18 out of 20. Summerslam wont hold a candle to this!

Rich from Winnipeg.
Yet another great Takeover show, the opening tag match I feel is the best of the night overall. Bate and Seven are really the best face tag team right now, but now you feel that U.E will move on to the War raiders, with a multi tag at WarGames for the WarGames match. EC3 and Dream was actually the match that you could call the worst of them, but had a killer ending to keep Dream in the picture, possibly facing Ciampa for the title on TV next. Ricochet vs. Cole had some awesome spots, but I feel these guys have a lot more in store, Sane vs Bayzler was my surprise of the night, almost matching the Mae Young Classic final they had. With Gargano vs. Ciampa, I totally agree with John, that this while insane at points, this didn’t have the feel the first 2 matches did. The fact that this one ended on the outside makes me feel that we get a NO. 4, but one question, is Gargano legit injured? Still, I feel that Ciampa being a true heel champ is the right decision, and should make for interesting TV for the next 3 months. An 18 out of 20 for me, and now off to the store for Kickstarts for the marathon that is tomorrow.

Dan from PTBO.

The tag match and US title match were both excellent. Undisputed Era continues to be the highlight of NXT. Bobby Fish getting injured was the best thing to ever happen to Roderick Strong.

The main event was great as expected, but I felt the ending was pretty flat. I’m hoping these guys don’t wrestle again until Mania weekend because at this point it needs some time.

Tyler from Orlando,

Always nice to look forward to one of these TakeOver shows, although the 7pm start time caught me off guard, I had to rush home once I saw the pre show was underway at 6pm.

This show had a little bit of everything, I think New Orleans was still a better show overall but this card was great and lived up to the hype.

EC3 doesn’t do much for me in ring but I still really like him as a character. Tag match was great, those 4 have insane chemistry.

Question - Do you see Gargano getting called up soon? I just don’t see anything at all for him in NXT, unless they reveal he was the attacker in the parking lot.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was incredible. All the matches you could make an argument were the best of the night. To me though, I picked the Women’s Title match as the match of the night. I find everytime Shayna Baszler wrestlers, it comes across as an event. One of the issues I’ve had with the Undisputed Era for instance is they are cool heels. It was like that with their match against Lorcan and Burch and it was like that tonight. With Shayna, she looks like a heel, talks like a heel and acts like a heel. So when you put her against smaller, more fiery opponents like a Kairi Sane, the match comes off as more intense. Add Mauro’s commentary to the mix, and you have something special. I guess it’s not as athletic as the other matches, but it’s more of a fight with a bully against someone smaller, and the smaller person gets the victory. Anyway, great show, I put it at 18 out of 20.

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First off, had a great time enjoying the show with the contest winner, and enjoyed meeting Davie! Good people enjoying good wrestling.
Quick thoughts:
Undisputed and Mustache Mountain continue to steal shows together. What a pairing
Velveteen is tremendously over for a guy who just won his first Takeover match. A star.
Kari and Baszler had a better match than I thought they would and Baszler now looks well versed in selling pro wrestling moves - ending was my favorite finish of the night.
Gargano and Ciampa is great but maybe done too much.
Biggest star of roster is Adam Cole - nonstop BayBay chants all around the venue before and after the show


Jamie from Leamington

Overall a great night! Undisputed Era and Moustache Mountain seem incapable of having g a bad match together, EC3/Dream was fun for what it was. I thought both Cole/Ricochet and Sane/Baszler were excellent wrestling matches with simple stories and good title changes to make - props to Baszler in particular who goes from strength to strength.

As for the main event, I think it was great but honestly felt it was a bit of a rehash of the last match with Gargano getting the better of himself again which was a bit of a damp squib as I feel we’d repeated ourselves with little progression, just Johnny going too far again. It was still excellent though and given the Black injury after the tapings, they were somewhat backed into a corner with no easy way out. That said, Johnny’s kick of the crutch seemed very reckless and it seemed to fly into the crowd.