FEEDBACK: NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day featuring Finn Balor vs Pete Dunne for the NXT Championship!

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Very good Takeover tonight, but I’ll keep my thoughts short and sweet:

  • Gargano/Kushida was the match of the night
  • Shirai/Storm/Martinez was the worst match of the night (it wasn’t bad by any stretch), but Toni needs to be kept far away from the title scene after her performance tonight. She was definitely the weakest link. I’m utterly baffled why people are blaming Io for the match being rushed and the quality being pretty sub-par, when she was probably the most natural person in that match.

Brian from NY

An easy one to review:

  • We maybe got the match of the year with Kushida and Gargano
  • One of the best, if not the best American PPV/Special Event of the pandemic era
  • An incredible swerve in the post-show breaking up a 4 year old stable NXT has been largely built around for years which might set up the first ever NXT Men’s Title defense at Mania with a deserving match between Balor and Cole?

All you can ask for in a show these days.

I watched tonight because the card looked stacked and you sold me on it. I’ve been down on how NXT has changed for USA but tonight’s card on paper felt old school. And it delivered as all the classic Takeovers of the past have. I thoroughly enjoyed dream matches between Gargano and Kushida and Balor and Dumne. The tag match stole the show the way they used to in the glory days of NXTs tag division. Every woman looked incredible in their role and the division feels stacked as ever. And a main event angle set in motion big story lines.

NXT was its best when it featured dream matches that delivered in ring and tonight’s Takeover did that. One for the ages. Was glad I watched. Keep up the great work; it def sold me on watching tonight.

For mania, Cole challenging Balor feels big enough. What big name would be good for Io as I think she absolutely needs to be on one of the two nights. Bayley? Becky? Rhea?

Ben from Vancouver

Great show, everything delivered. Match of the night for me was the main event, incredible work by both guys.

Really liked the opener and Kushida/Gargano, but they were hurt a bit by being wayyyyy too long and having wayyyyy too many near falls that early into the show.

Both matches also suffered from the NXT formula of heels not cheating. Why should I boo Gargano or Kai/Rodriguez - they did nothing heelish.

Great swerve in the main event and a long overdue direction for all involved.

Where would you slot in LA Knight?

8/10 show

Its me Matty B!
Just an incredible show. Each match delivered.
The women’s Dusty Classic final set the tone for the rest of the card. Some crazy moves happening in this match, some a little reckless. Both of these teams really showed up and looking forward to seeing what’s next for Raquel and Dakota.
Was really looking forward to Gargano Kushida and did it ever deliver. Johnny showed why he is Johnny Takeover. This man brings it every time. Kushida was up to the challenge and gave Gargano a great match. I was rooting for Johnny and really hope the Lumis feud doesn’t come to be or just a quick one.
MSK vs GYV. I knew this match would great but damn was it was so F’N great. Carter and Lee so innovative and absolute stars in the making. You are pretty much guaranteed a good match with GYV and it was a great one. I hope to see many more matches between these 2 teams.
Cameron Grimes! Richest man in the biz!!!
Looking forward to IO vs Raquel
Finn vs Dunne LFG!! What a battle. Great technical match. Just great back and forth for a while. Was rooting for Finn. And what a swerve at the end. I’m a huge UE guy. Im not gonna cry that’s it over, I’m gonna smile that it happened. It was time to do it and I think it was the perfect time. Can’t wait to see the followup on all this.
One of the best TakeOvers I’ve seen. My MOTN GYV vs MSK.
Such a blast tonight. You guys always kill it. Love this community.
Spin those tables DJ DvP!

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Of all days to breakup, NXT chose Valentine’s Day with a heartbreaker of an ending as I saw the end of an (undisputed) era.

  • MSK have the rocket strapped to their backs. Predictability be damned, they & GYV put on an awesome tag team match

  • DK and Raquel Gonzalez got to justify their existence as a tag team. It’ll be a hard sell for a heel/heel tag team title match (I’m holding out on a babyface DK this year). Shotzi and Ember are a better than expected makeshift team.

  • The women’s title 3-way was good fun despite a table mishap. I appreciated the hard work from all three women despite feeling a bit rushed.

  • KUSHIDA and Johnny Takeover made MAGIC. I’m so glad there was no ringside antics (Thank you, Lumis!)

  • Finn Balor vs Pete Dunne was physical, grueling and the selling was tremendous

  • Pour one out for the UE…but we’re getting Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly!!! (plus Finn Balor!!)

This is a top 5 Takeover show and with the prospect of skipping WM weekend again being possible. This ending is a very good reason not to skip it. 9 wishbones out of 10

First games night, and then then tonight’s Takeover watch along. The Post/upNXT family has really helped me have a better week in what has been a tough month.

Quick thoughts: Gargano-Kushida was fantastic and I hope to see a few more matches between these two. I can’t get into Gargano’s heel persona and miss this Johnny Wrestling, aka Johnny Takeover. You can’t boo a guy that wrestles like that.

That was the first MSK match I had ever seen, and they really impressed me. NXT should build their tag division around these guys for the foreseeable future.

Finn and Pete was the match I was most looking forward to going in, and it was my match of the night for sure. And finally, the Undisputed Era as we’ve known it is now over. It had to happen eventually, as Kyle O’Reilly deserves to break out on his own as a singles star. This breakup hurt worse than my divorce. But I’m excited to see what happens next.

-Roger aka themighty in chat

I don’t think they’ll have a match at WM but Raquel Gonzalez looks like she’s being set up as the one to take the title off Io. Don’t know where that leaves Dakota Kai but while Raquel has been booked extremely strong for the past few months, Dakota hasn’t been booked well at all since her title match against Io which was last summer.

I mean the potentially obvious route for Dakota would be her and Raquel win the women’s tag belts, start a strong run with them, Raquel beats Io. Hints a jealousy appear from Dakota. Eventually they lose the tag belts and Dakota turns on Raquel.

This past month has hurt…I’ve realised I don’t like wrestling.
I was really disappointing in the Royal Rumble and noticed most disagreed with me.
I thought I’d give it another go and watched Gargano vs Kushida and really didn’t like it. The match was okay, I felt there were a few too many botches and obvious talking going on then I hated the ending.
In realisation of this I watched Bulldog vs Brett Hard at Summerslam 92 and I didn’t even like that. It’s a sad realisation but thankfully I love Post Wrestling podcasts so I’m just going to ignore this fact and pretend I love it!!!