FEEDBACK: NXT TakeOver: War Games III

Nice show, I was watching with a friend, whatever.

ME time came and he asked me who I think the fourth man can be. I joked “Well, Kevin Owens, cause some weeks back he jumped out of nowhere for whatever angle on RAW - by WWE logic must be him”.

He looked at me in a weird way.

Than KO came out and I was way baffled than he was, cause it turned out he saw a spoiler for KO in the thing.

It made for one of those moments…

Otherwise a good show, I think there was nothing close to even a mediocre match, though I was done for the ME. It was, honest to god, the match I cared the least despite the KO initial pop.

War games matches are hard to hold an audiences attention. Like an Ironman match.

You know that the match isn’t ending until the final few minutes because it can’t in either one. So in war games the audience is tempted to check out until the match beyond.

In both matches they did a good job of keeping you hooked even when you knew it didn’t matter

The women for sure (I really liked this one). For the men’ match I was burned out. I was waiting only for the fourth person of one team to be revealed and honestly never paid attention or got invested to what was happening in the ring(s). I can speak for my friend as well.

One more thing: for 90% of both matches I was wondering what the second ring is for, as the wrestlers could easily lay down and rest around one single ring. I can’t recall too many spots that were involving some crossover between both rings.

With the amount of wrestling going on now, I’ve generally given up on being able to be keep up with everything live, so often I’m taking a while to watch a lot. Skipping through on initial pass for results and key spots first, I’m now watching for the first time proper and just finished that women’s war games match. Holy fucking shit. That was one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time. Every spot, every moment and most of all every performer in this match just upped their game massively. It’s up there for me for definite MOTY contender for myself. Incredible.

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