FEEDBACK: NXT - The Great American Bash

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Remember when the NXT Tag Titles were carried by the best tag teams in the world. DIY, American Alpha, The Revival…this crop of teams aint cutting it, and not even Ciampa could save them. Ciampa feels like he’s peak form and I miss him being the ruthless ruler of NXT. He feels far far away from the top.

What is wrong with Karrion Kross? I half expected him to say the three things he did in the morning was say his prayers, take his vitamins, and watch Hulk Hogan in the 80s. Why is he speaking? And so nice to see Johnny Wrestling the face again (did they turn him officially?)

Developing Problem: I want to see Samoa Joe vs everyone more than the matches they are actually making.

LOVE Teagan and she deserves the Moon.
Um…Hit Row…that was, rough. Just drop a music video, not this way.
K’O’R entrance music really starting to grow on me.
Cole feels tired as an act - which pains me to say as he’s a real fave of mine.

Main events like this need big crowds. It’s sorely lacking. Fans who have not seen these wrestlers in over a year would be losing their mind for some of the closing stretch. Instead I feel like I’m watching a sound stage and it definitely hinders my enjoyment. These guys put on a hell of a match.

B from NY

Thought this was a great night for NXT and the show flew by with all the matches hitting as well as getting a unique Hit Row segment. If there’s two things I’d nitpick is first, I felt like the Tegan return was a bit awkward with a weird entrance and delayed aggression with Candice, though it’s good to see her again. The other is the NXT crowd booing MSK, which without any legitimate reason to be happening leaves me to ask when they’re going to get back to Full Sail or touring so we have a bit more of a mix of fans in there who go to these shows. For the match itself, giving them a win over Ciampa/Thatcher was smart to see the kind of match they can have with a more physical team and the future title match with GYV should be better for it.

With the rapid changes in titles on the show, it does feel like a transition time for brand, which I can see distracting a bit for the direction and matches that are happening currently, but they are opening up a lot of fun stories for the future with Gargano possibly being champion again, Cole/O’Reilly 3, Hit Row vs. Legado del Fantasma, Roddy/KUSHIDA, Samoa Joe, and a whole lot of challengers in the women’s title among a lot of other smaller stories. That also includes the breakout tournament, that while lacking a bit in familiarity with the faces involved, does have a fun mix of guys who I’m excited to see fill some spots of the call ups coming. Been waiting a while to see Brendan Vink get some screen time since that short Raw run and it looks like this will be the start of it, though I got some chuckles from that ridiculous Duke Hudson name.

Good show, loved the main event and thought it was miles better than that marathon match they had at Takeover.

Really liked Knight/Grimes, they are telling a quality story and Grimes is getting very over. Good direction here. Really cool and unique Hit Row segment but I understand if people disliked it (especially NXT’s 50+ audience).

But the show had some horrible finishes in both tag matches. The men’s tag was an excellent match but after all that it was a roll-up that finished it? That was WWE-style non-sensical booking.

The women’s tag I just had zero interest in. Shitty finish that again made no sense. I don’t think anyone remembers what happened with Nox. The women’s tag belts have switched hands four times in less than four months, complete joke. That division is useless.

Hated the Gargano/Kross segment. Felt like they were shooting on Kross not being a work rate guy. So why does the champion “suck”? Hate segments like this where they treat wrestling like a performance and Gargano is “better” because he’s a better “performer”.

Also think Vic Joseph had an off night. How can the lead NXT commentator not know Project Ciampa or KOR’s axe and smash?!

Best part of the show was Grimes/Knight, followed by Cole/KOR. Everything else was mostly fast forward material. That Hit Row segment was fucking brutal. One of the worst things I’ve ever seen on NXT. I dont know how everyone loves this group so much, its just Swerve with a couple future jobbers. It should just be Swerve with Top Dolla as his quiet bodyguard. I dont need garbage rapping on my wrestling show.