FEEDBACK: NXT UK Takeover Blackpool 2

Hey guys. We’re recording a special BWE later tonight for the show. Leave your feedback here.

Show was really good, each match delivered with intense action, creative spots and solid character work. The main event was a little long and sloppy but still delivered, the ladder match was also spectacular outside of a few awkward spots but the stars of the show were obviously Devlin and Bate. What a match, incredible throughout with an absolutely stunning finish. 8/10

P.S. I look forward to listening and finding out why the show was actually bad


I had no interest in watching this show. I went to Takeover Cardiff - but havent watched any of the UK shows since.

I wanted to watch Tyler Bate and Devlin though - and my god what a match. Early contender for match of the year.

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Jesse from the 6

Devlin - Bate lived up to the considerable hype, in my opinion.

Coffey - WALTER was a good match, but about as awkward as you would expect a heel vs heel match with Joe Coffey in the de facto babyface role to be. Props to that ref tho. That might be the greatest ref bump I’ve ever seen.

Highlight of the night was the crowd chanting “V-A-R”. I don’t know if y’all have heard that before, but I hadn’t. As a North American and a footy fan, UK crowds are always entertaining to me.

Take Care

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Solid show if not exactly memorable long term, which is kind of NXT UK to a tee. Bate/Devlin is the early front runner for WWE MOTY, but wouldn’t have stood out as much on a Wrestle Kingdom, I felt the crowd took a bit away from it for me. The women’s three way was a big improvement on Cardiff, and hopefully this should now be it for Toni Storm on NXT UK, she’s long since outgrown it.

The Razor’s Edge to the outside was very dangerous considering the sad news about La Parka. The ladder match was a good shift by the participants, but I felt they tried a bit too much that didn’t come off, including Mark Coffey breaking a table just by laying on it.

As for the main event, while I wasn’t bored out of my mind by it like I feared going in, Coffey wasn’t believable as any kind of a threat to WALTER, and the crowd felt similar. Amazing the number WWE has done on WALTER, where before he wouldn’t even stay down for a visual pin, now he’s down forever and having goons run in for him. And the way the NXT UK social media responded to the Undisputed ERA run-in was very Brileyesque.

I’d say a good 7 out of 10, didn’t regret watching it, but it’s nothing I’ll think about long term. Certainly serviceable.

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I thought the show was fine as a show but it lacked the specialness of a takeover in my opinion. There was no special signees they could of bought in 1 or 2 NXT names that have been drafted to NXTUK.

I enjoyed Bate vs Devlin but I would of preferred for Devlin to win so we can see him move into the main event picture.

The woman’s match was solid but there was something missing there for me. Think they need fresh matches as at the moment it feels like a rerun of PROGRESS and ICW.

Main event was ok but not the best match on the card and the ending made it look like Walter would be mid card at NXT Main Roster.

Good to see some build for Worlds Collide but I didn’t think of this show as something that would make me buy a ticket for NXTUK tapings or takeover.

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One other thing - I thought Mark Andrews was incredibly smart when the table broke accidentally.

Thinking on his feet and instead going for the double flip with Webster has produced the most gif-able moment of the show.

Overall thought it was a good show!

I really liked the finish of the opener, but other than that it was pretty forgetful.

The women’s match was far better than expected and I look forward to more interactions with KLR and Piper in the future.

Tyler and Devlin was fantastic as expected and i’m sure you all agree.

The ladder match was a bit of a mess early on, but I got into it after there was only one ladder that match in the ring. Imperium should have won, but I assume WWE didn’t want World collide to have all the titles in one match.

I thought the main event was great, Coffey’s best match that i’ve seen and enjoyed the tease of WALTER and Ilja in the future (saw this match live in Manchester and it was a banger).

Post show shenanigans were a good build up to Worlds Collide, but I hope they don’t do Imperium dirty at the show. The build up as the crowd realise UE were coming through the crowd was great too!

I’ve not watched NXT UK in months but this was a great standalone show where the video packages quickly caught me up with the storylines and had me looking forward to every match.

Question: With the quick sellout of this show, do you think UK TakeOvers should take place in bigger sized arenas, or would this lose the intimate, loud crowd atmosphere that makes these events so great to watch?

Nas in NYC

Not a regular viewer. But the Prime Target really got me hyped. The women’s match was really good. Bate vs Devlin was match of the night by a long shot. Though I wanted Devlin to win, but I think they wanted give at least one baby face victory as the heels I think won every other match. Not sure if Gallus are heels or not.

Walter is the best. No surprises there. They got the 4 UE guys to fly across the Atlantic and back for a 3 minute appearance. Still will take a lot for me to care about World’s Collide.

Question: Which of these UK stars are likely to appear in the Rumble (men & women)? I’d love to see Tyler Bate eliminate Brock Lesner.

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Thanks guys! Show is now in the can.