FEEDBACK: NXT WarGames 2021

Please leave all your feedback here for tonight’s NXT WarGames 2021.

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This was infinitely better than Survivor Series,

The men’s match was oddly entertaining seeing what the 2.newbies would attempt and how they’d handle such a match. I thought it met the standard of NXT on the Network circa 2013-2016. That’s a good thing.

On the women’s side - Cora was standout. She has spunk. Mandy also carries herself like a star and it’s starting to help her two protégés. Match was fine. Very green. Missed Candace leadership. Io felt out of place.

Maybe NXT USA just got a bit too far over it’s ski tips. Compared to AEW it was forced into this unnatural position of being a major brand squeezed into a studio production. Tonight reminded me of the those OG Network shows and this felt like a high end developmental brand show. I don’t know I warrants weekly with all the non wrestling segments but if they can get back to decent story telling and feud building I think 2.0 can serve a purpose and put on good to great Network specials.

Prediction on the future:
KoR goes All Elite ASAP
Johnny takes time off and they have Baby Wrestling and I think he’s going to wait a bit to see what unfolds in wrestling while being on very good terms with WWE. I don’t expect to see him anywhere for a while and I think that would serve him best.

Caught the two Wargames matches, both were pretty entertaining. Men’s one was a lot of fun, women’s one was interesting to watch just because of how green a lot of the talent is - Jacy Jayne should not be on TV, she is brutal.

Priscilla Kelly and Cora Jade were both great. Men’s match was put together really well. It’ll be telling to see what happens with LA Knight - I don’t see why they don’t give him a shot on the main roster. His mic work has been incredible leading up to this show.

Pretty obvious that O’Reilly is done. I’d actually like them to avoid any Undisputed Era callbacks and have him join a shooter faction with Danielson, Garcia and Tom Lawler.

Gargano should probably disappear for a while. Not sure he fits in AEW and he’s done everything possible in NXT.