FEEDBACK/QUESTIONS: New British Wrestling show on POST

Hey guys, as announced by Martin Bushby on the Christmas show, myself and Oli Court will be joining him to continue a British Wrestling show on POST talking all the best in Brit Wres (and Europe) into 2018.

On the first show we’ll be doing a bit of a reintroduction to the scene, talking the history of the promotions we’ll feature, their 2017 and prospects etc.

If anybody has any questions on British or European Wrestling, or thoughts on things you’d like us discuss on the show, post them here!


Since I wanted to get more into British Wrestling, some months ago, I’ve subscribed to PROGRESS on Demand and heard that I should really start at the very first show and watch my way up to the current Chapters. So I did this and the shows are indeed awesome, but I’m currently stuck somewhere between Chapter 13-15 (early stages of Havoc’s title run) since I don’t have much time watching PROGRESS.

So long story short, here’s my question: should I invest my time and watch all of the Chapters in order or isn’t it that big of a deal to skip all those shows. I hate spoilers and refuse to watch the current Chapters, which gives me a very hard time to stay up-to-date on the British wrestling scene. Hope you guys understand my dilemma and give me some advice.


Hi guys, love the show! Just a quick question; I really want to get into Attack but I was bit disappointed to see that they don’t have an all-in, on-demand streaming service. I’ve heard so much good stuff about the Chris Roberts v Shay Purser MOTYC that I want to go back and follow this story line show-to-show, so what do you recommend?

Keep up the good work!


I’m definitely more of a PROGRESS fan and just wanted your views on what you see them doing with Travis Banks as champion? Also do you think PROGRESS are better at booking heel champions as I feel they don’t book babyface champions that well or for that long, they seem to be a heel champion promotion.


Hi guys! I love PROGRESS. I’ve watched a ton on demand and I attended PROGRESS NYC. It’s an incredible promotion. What’s the deal with Strangler Davis? The Riots were a great, energetic team and it seemed like when they split, Strangler was on his way to being a legit heel. Then he wasn’t. I want to care about him but something is missing. Is he a lost cause?

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Thanks for the questions so far guys, some good ones there. We’ll be recording Monday, so if anybody has any other thoughts let us know.

The British Wrestling Experience will debut on POST this coming Thursday.


Like Benno said - first show drops next Thursday - we will be catching everyone up on the Brit wrestling scene, which promotions we will be focussing on and the big events coming in 2018.


Chris from Melbourne, Australia. Just two questions:

  • #1 As a newbie to the British & European scene on the whole is there any classic match you would recommend that are easily accessible?

  • #2 Now 2018 are you disappointed with how both the WWE UK series & ITV World Of Sports paned out, given how much international fan talk their was for both at the start of 2017?

Cheers lads.


Nice logo.

What are your thoughts of wwe doing something of a standalone UK show going forward? If not, where do you see the UK guys like dunne and bate this year?


Thanks for all the questions so far. Last call for anymore - as we are recording tonight.

Hey lads,

I don’t think I have any questions per say, but I thought I’d stick a wee post up to say good luck on your “first” episode. Here’s to many more years listening to the premier British Wrestling Podcast… no offence to the rest out there of course!

PS: Looking forward to the Wrestling Round Table you’ll be joining with John and Brian, Martin!


Thoughts on Rev Pro and any thoughts on what Defiant could do to differentiate themselves and be seen as a player in the British wrestling landscape?

I’ve just recently noted that as a NJPW World subscriber I’m able to watch RevPro matches that involve NJPW wrestlers such as Suzuki vs. Riddle or Lee vs. Ishii (same goes for ROH).

Do you know if this has effected the RevPro on Demand service in any fashion? It doesn’t/wouldn’t give me, as a NJPW viewer, any incentive to subscribe to the RevPro service (I know that they have tons of other talented wrestlers) since I get my portion of NJPW wrestlers basically for free. Is this a sign that RevPro doesn’t really care all too much about their subscription service and mainly focus on ticket sales? Imagine WWE being able to put the Jericho vs. Omega match from WK12 (since Jericho is “their” guy) on the WWE Network. I doubt that there would have been such an increase of subscriptions before/after WK12.

I think they put certain matches on NJPW World a few weeks after they put them on their own services. I think the idea is that this might lead people to subscribe to the Rev Pro service based on the matches they have seen world.

Well, at least in my case, it isn’t working (again, I don’t know if the numbers back me up).
I once subscribed for RevPro, when Meltzer started talking about an amazing match on one of their shows (don’t know who the participants were anymore), but once I’ve noticed I could see the match on NJPW World, I cancelled. And the fact that those matches are uploaded regulary on NJPW World doesn’t give me any incentive to subscribe to RevPro.

Do they upload every Rev Pro match that features New Japan talent? And every RoH match that does too? I was under the impression that it was only certain matches they did that for.

Didn’t check every upload, but the Global Wars UK 2017 - Day 2 event featured at least one NJPW wrestler in every match and therefore every match was uploaded.
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It must be a deal they have with rev pro. It certainly can’t harm them in the long run. Getting tons of exposure with their product being on NJPW World.

Great show guys!!! Thanks for reading my question. :smiley:

No worries rob. Thanks for listening.

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