Feedback Raw 12/24/18 and Smackdown 12/25/18

Raw : I really enjoyed Ronda and Nattie’s match. Very different from the usual stuff. The way the Women’s Tag Titles have been anouncement did not make them look like a big deal.

Smackdown : Carmella looked fit. Rusev’s win was a really good feel moment and that’s what they are going for. More babyfaces winning. The last scene was a bit surprising. I don’t where AJ’s character is going. Nice to see the 205 guys and Mustafa in a feud with Daniel Bryan. That’s a full circle. If only they could do a Brian Kendrick vs Daniel Bryan. They have a great story to tell.

What did you think ?

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Raw: Garbage as usual

Smackdown: Really excellent show. Some good matches and some solid stories going on. I really think one of these weeks, with Cena coming back, he should lose a match clean to Mustafa Ali. That would really do wonders for Ali, even though I think they are already doing a great job with him. I loved the Miz TV segment and those 2 have been really enjoyable together so far.

I really like the push given to Ali. I agree with you Shane and Miz have a nice build up. Miz’s promo was great.

Weird think about this week’s shows, is that both show actually had their bad and good this week. i’ve read the spoilers for both shows last week and remember how much i wasn’t excited about both show. I actually wanted to skip Raw this week but at the last minute, plans change and since there was nothing to watch on tv, i decided to watch Raw and was surprise by the show, especially the first 2 hours of the show, my only low point was the Ronda/natalya match that felt long and didn’t work for me and corbin vs rollins which while it was shorter then other matches that they add, it was still boring to watch.

As for Smackdown, loved the r-truth/bryan segment, The 8-man tag match and the andrate/ali match were the low point for me. the last hour was really good from the miz tv segment to the hardy/joe and rusev nakamura matches was probably the best hour of WWE wrestling this week.

So in the end, Raw had a really strong start and a really bad ending and Smackdown did the complete opposite by having a strong opening segment, then have boring middle and having a strong finish.

I get that you can’t have a perfect show but if you put the first 2 hours of raw with the last hour of smackdown plus the bryan/r-truth segment, you would have the perfect WWE wrestling program.

I think Cena is being lined up as Daniel Bryan’s challenger at The Royal Rumble. To me it makes perfect sense as Bryan has this anti-consumerism gimmick and Cena has a different merchandise range every few months. Also, you had Cena’s quest to beat Flair’s title reigns and all the pieces fit together


I think that feud would be awesome right now. I’d love for Bryan to get heat by saying that Nikki Bella was too good for Cena and he didnt belong in the same family as Bryan.

Yes and they could use what they actually say to each other in real life about the environment. John thinks technology will save the earth, completely opposite to what Daniel thinks.

Mj from Nj Live in New York

Happy Holliday’s all!!!
Since we last spoke we have a POST Fantasy Football champion - Brandon from Osawa who took him the gold in his very first season playing! The Mustafa Ali of the POST FFL

For some reason the low low expectations I had on these shows made them a bit better. That and my boredom I suppose.
Curious decision with AJ - booking him with Vince like that seems to be setting him up for a feature WrestleMania spot but with who (who who) who?
Also - Rusev winning the Us title was the first time my casual friend I watch ppvs with enjoyed a US title match. He loves Rusev. Moral of that story - it’s the freaking US title, give it to the most over guy of the moment and let the crowd enjoy one match!