FEEDBACK: Rewind-A-Raw

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Tenese from GA

This was an ok Raw that did a good job emphasizing its primary focus on establishing the US title and Baley’s new stable. DQ huh? I guess it’s the only way from having Iyo not losing her first match apart from a draw in, which I would’ve gotten on board. My only complaint is too many video packages. Hoping that they leave the mentality of treating your audience as if it’s their first time watching with Vince. Take care and be safe, good people.


Enjoyed this show a lot. It’s still far from perfect but I’m very optimistic. Bianca runs faster in pencil heels than I ever could in a Jordans. What a champ.

John and Andrew, do either of you have any insights on the reports earlier today that Sasha and Naomi has re-signed with the company?

Jay from Colorado

First time in over a year watching an entire Raw front to back. It doesn’t appear much has changed, but change takes time and I’m optimistic in the direction they are going. One thing I will say is that I can’t even see how even in the best of circumstances I can devote three hours of my Monday nights to raw every week. I know this will never be a two hour show again, but I can dream.

Also, thank you both for getting me addicted to F1. I definitely didn’t have time for Raw in my life again, but now I have to fit in practices, qualifying and the races. At least it’s summer break, maybe Ferrari can use this time to pull their heads out of their asses.

After avoiding Raw like the plague the last couple months. This episode was easy to watch. Matches got to breathe, stories got to build, commentary felt looser and it drew upon recent history. Seeing someone like Ciampa having a good night winning two matches is a byproduct of HHH’s creative vision.

The US title, in one night, became more important than at any point during Vince’s tenure.

It’ll take more than one show to win back fans’ favour but these tweaks go a long way to making sure it happens.