FEEDBACK: ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022

What did you think of Death Before Dishonor?

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Mannie from Pacoima

Pretty good ppv though I felt the crowd was a bit dead throughout the show. The roh world title match felt like it ended a bit to soon and it could’ve used a bit more time to kick it into second gear. Not sure if this is kayfabe or not but Gresham seems to have deactivated his Twitter account.

The pure title match, womens title match and rush vs dragon Lee were spectacular and I felt the crowd didn’t really appreciate watching serena and Mercedes put on a classic.

Tag title match was just ok in my opinion, I felt their first match was way better and that could be due to the atmosphere of the audience. I’m looking forward to Mox vs Rush and the battle of Daniel and Danielson.

Once again Wai thank you for your hard work this week! the Post community doesn’t deserve you or John. Shout out to Andrew Thompson _ _ and Kate thank you for helping wai out this weekend!

Brandon from Oshawa

People love to talk up Jonathan Gresham, but watching him more often lately and he is extremely overrated. He is good, dont get me wrong, he just isnt a world title level performer. I think we will see him slide into a mid to upper midcard role from here.

Match of the night for me was Joe and Lethal. They delivered more than what I was expecting and the crowd felt really hot compared to some of the other matches.

Wai, any quick thoughts on some of the Marvel announcements from comic con? How do you feel about the Daredevil 18 episode count? It is double and triple the episodes of some of their other shows, do you think this could drag it down?

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A strong PPV from start to finish with not a weak link in sight. FTR/Briscoes being in the main event was the right call and they blew the first match they’ve had outta the water. Plus, it was dope to see Claudio get his first world title. Yuta/Garcia was a technical chess match of oneupsmanship. RUSH/Dragon Lee was terrific. Deeb/Martinez was very good and Joe/Lethal was solid.

The sooner ROH finds a TV home, the better.

Blackpool Combat Club are dripping in gold and it’s quite a sight.

I don’t think it will. It felt like a response to the Disney+ programs being short.

It was an alright show, might have been better if it was a shorter Takeover style event with just the main 5 matches! Main event was great but I think their first match was better, it had more storytelling elements and character moments, they took their time more, ironically since this one was so long. My MotN was Yuta Garcia, I really love the rivalry between these two, there’s so much interesting dynamics at play, their history, their similarities, the BCC vs JAC aspect, the wrestler vs sports entertainment stuff. Everything they told each other in the promos is true: Garcia SHOULD be in the BCC, Yuta does feel like he’s playing tough guy, but Yuta does have the victories to prove he belongs. If they keep featuring them in stories this could go really interesting places, with them trading places, something like that etc. I can see this rivalry continuing and following them along their career, really looking forward to where it goes.

Good show, but the Trios match, the World Title Match, and almost all of the preshow weren’t good.

TK apparently doesn’t like women’s wrestling despite Deeb and Martinez killing it. Kay and Nightengale also have a good match. He makes no real space for women on any of his shows.