FEEDBACK: ROH Death Before Dishonor

Post your feedback to ROH’s Death Before Dishonor event.

Tune into our POST Show later tonight with Mike Murray and I running through the show.


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I really enjoyed this event and found that they really did a good job of involving everybody on their roster. The only talk I see about the company online has to do with making jokes about poor ticket sales, booking decisions with guys almost out of contract and their inability to create a buzz. Nothing false about any of those topics but I’ve still remained a fan because through all the roster turnover, questionable decisions and their inability to market the company, the in ring action has ALWAYS been really good. Tonight was a perfect example of that. Sure, they used a TON of plunder and had quite a bit of interference, but in most cases it elevated the match, like the Bouncers vs Silas and Vincent Bar room brawl. They also had some good surprises, like Dragon Lee being the 4th opponent and Maria Manic making the save. Gresham and Lethal might have been the best of the night but I have to give it up to the main event. They worked a very fast pace and they really laid into one another with some sick shots. Great action and nice to see the title change in the end.

I’d love to think that they could rebound from their slump, I mean they have some fantastic wrestlers on this roster but until this company learns how to really get their content seen, I can’t see it happening in this packed landscape. Why not release the main event for free on Youtube this Monday? I’m not going to feel ripped off, I paid the Honor Club VIP 6 months ago, that money is long gone, so what if 60,000 people see it for free, i want this to get passed around and pick up some steam. Taven gets a bad break for being boring, but I’ve considered him to be like the Miz, much better in ring than him but slightly below Miz on the mic. Both are great cocky pricks in character.

I feel like I’m on an island when I say I enjoy ROH and I’ll be tuning in tomorrow night on FITE to their follow up TV tapings streamed show. Thanks for the review and forum to get this out there I hope you enjoyed the show as well

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Great show, much better offering from ROH than they have offered recently.

Gresham vs. Lethal and the main event were the best matches of the show.

RUSH on Twitter after the show posted a video with his dad where he basically declared he’s going “independent” and given the report in the Observer this week that CMLL has cut the guaranteed pay for a bunch of wrestlers, I wonder if RUSH and Dragon Lee are going ROH full time and if that could hurt ROH - CMLL relations.