FEEDBACK: Saturday Night's Main Event (10/29/1988)

This week on Rewind-A-Wai, we review Saturday Night’s Main Event from October 1988 as selected by Espresso Executive Producer @Vanvoneer.

This show is available to watch in its entirety on the WWE Network

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event
Saturday, October 29, 1988 (taped Oct. 25)
Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Arena
*Jake Roberts vs. Rick Rude
*WWF Tag Titles: Demolition © vs. The Hart Foundation
*Hulk Hogan vs. King Haku
*Dino Bravo vs. Ken Patera
*Big Bossman vs. Jim Powers

Michael from Newfoundland.

This was a surprisingly fun show to watch. It was star-filled and short.

The only downside that I can think of is the match order. They led off with their hottest match Jake and Rude and ended with a Big Boss/Jim Powers match. (Then again maybe they were both extremely over in '88.) They didn’t even have Hulk/Haku King of the Ring final as the main event.

I would had never even considered watching this show if it wasn’t for this podcast and I’m glad I had. It was a great choice.

King Haku will always be my King of the Ring.

Jesse in Taipei

I’m looking forward to another old school review; good choice @Vanvoneer

I’ve once again cancelled my network subscription in protest of WWE’s unethical behaviour, but luckily I re-watched all of the '80s SNMEs over the past few years.

I love the nostalgia of these shows even though the wrestling was boring. Typically I’d just look at my phone during the matches and look back up during a promo. I mean, how can you not pay attention when a coked-up, roid-head is yelling at you while wearing S&M gear?

After some light research on wikipedia, it seems that SNME ratings remained pretty high into the '90s. They did an 11.1 rating on NBC in January 1990 and the final SNME on NBC in April of 1991 did a 7.7 rating, which still seems high to me, but please correct me if I’m wrong. The two SNMEs on Fox in '92 did an 8.2 and 6.2, respectively.
Given this, my question for you is: When was the last point that WWE could have changed direction and prolonged the “80’s boom period”? For example, do you think this Golden Era could have lasted longer if they hadn’t gone with Iraqi-sympathizing Slaughter for WrestleMania VII? Or do you think they would have had to do something different before that?

Take Care

Dave Fitz from St. Catharines

Attempt number two, from a computer not my phone.

I listen to every review you guys do and try to watch the events you talk about, so I can post feedback, yet rarely have the time to watch and never have the time to post.

I was excited to to hear that this was going to be reviewed because this event happened not too long before I started watching wrestling. And I’m sure John Pollock was excited when he loaded it up on the Network to find it ran just over an hour.

I really enjoyed the event, as I am a sucker for nostalgia. From top to bottom, I have fond memories of most of the performers. The Hart Foundation has always been a favourite since I began watching, when my dad bought me a magazine. (Side note my dad didn’t like wrestling but he knew I liked it.)

I just had a couple of things I wanted to say/ask.

You guys have mentioned these days when someone is the King of the Ring, they just become a silly character, with the gown, crown, cepter and whatnot. King Haku had all that but was still seen as a threat. He’s the king but may God have mercy on your eyeball if you cross him.

I also have a question about Rick Rude’s theme song. Was his original theme, which the Network dub was not, an actual copyrighted song? His song was so good. I used to have an iPod, which I have no idea of the current location, that had a bunch of wrestling themes on it, and when Rick Rude’s theme would come on, I would walk a little taller.

Anyways thanks to the EP for selecting this show and you guys for all the work you do.

Hey Dave, unfortunately this feedback came in a few hours after we had just recorded.

Dang, I will try again next time.