FEEDBACK: SmackDown Live 4/17/18

Leave us your feedback to Tuesday’s SmackDown Live show with the second night of the Superstar Shakeup.

Which brand had the bett…we’re just kidding, just tell us which pick to SmackDown was the best addition.


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Lewis from Scotland.

More like STACKED-DOWN Live, am I right guys?

Clearly this is now the A-show in terms of pure talent, the tag team division looks great and I hope this allows teams like Anderson and Gallows the room to breathe and become as great as we’ve seen them before. The one baffling thing is given the sheer amount of great workers and fresh new matchups on offer, putting a returning Big Cass with Bryan is so strange, especially when I can easily see Bryan coming out of this feud the loser. Also, I hope Shinsuke never ever stops hitting AJ in the dick. I want this bit to go on for years.


Brandon from Oshawa

So, lets imagine last week…Kurt Angle is in the war room, talking to whoever he is usually talking to on his phone. Paige walks into the war room with a list in her hand of who she wants on Smackdown. She hands it to Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle says “done”. That’s basically what this superstar shakeup felt like and Kurt Angle looks like an absolute joke, for agreeing to any of these deals at all. He pretty much took all the boring parts of Smackdown and gave them top talent in return.

With the exception of Rusev just being used as a punching bag for others, this was a solid show and it feels instantly far more fresh. I think it was smart to build up the first face to face between Bryan & Miz and I’m glad that it doesnt look like they will instantly go to that feud. Joe is going to be an absolute monster on Smackdown and I think a Summerslam card with Joe/AJ & Bryan/Miz as Smackdowns top 2 matches would be tremendous.

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Absolution shouldn’t have been “traded” to the same show where a now retired babyfaced GM in Paige resides. It’s worse that they now feel more like the “Riot-ta-ta Squad” v2, only still using Paige’s theme (which is odd).

SmackDown feels like the A-Show in terms of work rate, which is great for me because that’s what got me being a fan of the blue brand during that Heyman (as writer) run a little over a decade ago.

Kinda wished Balor went to SD, but I can see that as being overkill as Hardy & Joe are great editions to the show overall!

Keep on Delivering, Post Men!

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I hope Shinsuke never ever stops hitting AJ in the dick. I want this bit to go on for years.


Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

“Superstar Shake-up, Night 2”. So the Raw General Manager Kurt Angle exhibits no negotiating powers. After seeing all the “Trades” being made I was left scratching my head, like did they just “Trade” Mike Kanellis for Samoa Joe? I can only say it was like watching my younger brother who doesn’t understand Pokémon, trading away all his best ones for useless ones in return.

Thank god Coach is staying on Raw, but I don’t understand why Nikki Cross isn’t being called up with Sanity (or is it Chaos now as the first graphic said), I always found the makeup of the “{Stable}” unique for WWE and they could all hold some gold on their brand at once (Women’s, Tag-Team, & either World or Secondary). Best addition to SmackDown would have to be either Samoa Joe or Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega, both unexpected after last night.

Question re. 205 Live:
Should 205 Live tag-teams compete for the Raw Tag-Team Championships, much like the ECW tag-teams competed for the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships during the original brand split?

Max Mikado from Delaware:

Long-time listener, first-time Patreon subscriber here.

Question: with the wealth of talent that Smackdown Live now has, who do you think will inevitably be lost in the shuffle?

Thanks for all the years of entertainment and insight that you’ve provided!

Saeed from Vancouver,

Very fun episode.

Safe to say smackdown is now stacked with the call ups / trades from raw.

Not sure how I feel about the Big Cass and Daniel Bryan fued that is now starting.

Do you believe wwe will change their mind and bring up Nikki Cross with Sanity after the online backlash?


Who did raw get again?
Samoa joe being moved makes me think Romans not gonna win the universal title
i would love to see joe beat aj for the wwe title
i guess theyre holding off on miz bryan with big cass
overall great episode of smackdown