FEEDBACK: The Mandalorian - Episode 1

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for Disney+'s brand new series - The Mandalorian! Braden and I will be chatting all about Episode 1 on our upNXT feed later today! Ahoy!

First time, long time!
I’m really enjoying this one episode a week thing. Really lets things breathe
This was the best review I’ve heard so far:
Ever watch a show that thinks it’s all way cooler than it actually is, that leans so hard on its underlying IP while forgetting to make a case for its own extravagant existence? In other words, ever watch The Mandalorian? The first episode is the most crucial episode of any TV show. You are making your case, as a storyteller, that your show is worth sticking with. ESPECIALLY in an environment with a thousand TV options. You get one shot. And this was not a great shot. I found myself wondering, “If this wasn’t Star Wars, would I care?” And my answer all too often was, “No.” I’ll keep watching, and I hope it improves. Because I love Star Wars. And it’s worth remembering that love requires neither blind devotion nor ignorance of flaws. But…I wanted much, much more.
This was from Marc Bernardin’s twitter who writes for TV, and cohosts FATMAN BEYOND with Kevin Smith. It coincides with how I felt after I finish watching as there was a lot of walking in this show. Werner Herzog being in it is hilarious, and if you read his interview with VARIETY, he hasn’t seen any of Jon Favreau’s films, but he does watch WRESTLEMANIA to keep up with what is happening in the world. IG-11 going off was great, was wondering why he couldn’t just be IG-88 until he died and then it makes sense if they want to bring him in later. While many think BABY YODA was cute, I was left confused but will wait for the rest to see just what this thing is.
Later boys, I’m gonna go celebrate Life Day, and use a vacc tube!

Paps from Hertfordshire

Sex me that was great! Admittedly a nerd for anything Star Wars but I thoroughly enjoyed that first episode. The cheeky bit of fan service was very welcome. The eyeball door opening thing & the cooked alien thing whilst his mate watches was a great nod to Jabba the Hutts palace.

Personally gutted it’s out weekly rather than at one go so I can watch in one bingey session.

Loved the swerve at the end with the baby “Yoda”. Feels darker than usual Star Wars programming.

I’m all in. queue BrayD singing ALLLLLLLL IINNNNNNNNN

Overall for a first episode I found the show to be decent. If it weren’t Star Wars I’m not sure I would have tuned in, but the same was true for me with things like game of thrones.

There is enough in this episode for me to want to see where they go from here with character development and the overall story. That said some of the interactions seemed pretty cheesy and just there to put over how special the Mandalorians are supposed to be, so hopefully that gets cleaned up a bit. For instance main character cannot ride the hoppy Dino-alien, old guy “you can do this, you are a Mandalorian.” Main character magically can now ride the Dino-alien. Ummmm…ok.

Michael from Newfoundland.

I thought it was ok. I liked the droid. I hope they find a way to bring it back. Not really worth a monthly fee. I’ll be ditching Disney + at the end of my free trial. (Cropped Simpsons is just a bad idea.) I’ll jump back on if they release The Star Wars: Christmas Special.

Dave from Hamilton

I liked it! The Mandalorian himself feels like Clint Eastwood’s “Man with No Name” he is quiet and the world seems to grow around him. The action sequence in the first scene was great fun. Guy walks into a bar, the big swinging $%$# of that bar tries to assert his dominance and gets stomped for his trouble, pure spaghetti western fun.

I loved the gun fight with the IG droid, I thought about how the Confederate Droids no matter how equipped they were, felt disposable but it was awesome to see the IG droid give as much as it got.

I kind of popped when they dropped the “Life Day” easter egg since it was the first time I can remember in Disney’s canon that Life Day has been mentioned. I take that as a sign that The Star Wars: Holiday Special is canon now…if you don’t agree…come at me!

I enjoyed the first episode more than I did the entirety of The Last Jedi or Solo. It is the first time since Rogue One that I have been genuinely excited for a Disney Star Wars product. Can’t wait until the next episode on Friday.

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