FEEDBACK: The Mandalorian Season Finale and Rise of Skywalker

Allo, allo, allo! Now that the dust has settled and Season 1 of “The Mandalorian” and the “Skywalker Saga” is over, Braden and I would like to do a Spoiler-Full review show covering both!

Please get in all your feedback. We will be recording sometime this week!

Ahoy and May The Force Be With You!!

I submitted feedback for the pilot episode, and I mentioned that it did not click with me. Now, let me state right away that I am in the bag for Star Wars. Whatever they put out, I will be there for. The Mandalorian did not connect with me, that is until episode 7. When Baby Yoda got kidnapped, and Giancarlo Esposito showed up this show finally had the direction I was looking for. Other than the introduction of Baby Yoda, and the montage of IG-11 being reprogrammed, the first 6 episodes were unnecessary. They felt like the backstory a screenwriter would write, before they get into their story. Episode 8 introduced the stakes we’ve all been waiting for Survivor Series to have. There’s a reason for everything that is going on, and I care about all of these characters now. It took time, but this show beautifully came together and I’m excited for Season 2. Releasing episodes once a week has been a great way to grow a relationship with the show, instead of just forgetting about it after one weekend. Season 7 of Clone Wars comes out in February and Kenobi will be out sometime later in the year. If I may make a suggestion for anyone who hasn’t, watch the Mandalore based episodes of Clone Wars, and Rebels. The introduction and chronology of the possession of the Dark saber is fantastic, and when it peered through Moff Gideon’s TIE fighter, I popped in a way that RISE OF SKYWALKER failed to do so.
Episode 9 lacked that level of connectivity for me. Now sorry, Braden, but I side with Davie when it comes to THE LAST JEDI. I enjoyed the new direction it was going into, and wanted to see that continue. The highs of turning a ship around and using light speed to take apart a star destroyer in silence, just like in actual space matched the confusion that CANTO BIGHT brought upon itself. It was quickly clear that episode 9 did not want to do any of that, but rather try to go back on the course JJ set up in FORCE AWAKENS. It tried too much, and it just did not stick. A lot of things that fans would love such as Chewie finally receiving a medal, and LANDO showing up made little sense to the surrounding characters in the actual film. The kiss grossed me out, and Palpatine was unnecessary. His presence completely negates Anakin Skywalker’s sacrifice from RETURN OF THE JEDI. Rose Tico’s screentime could have been a lot more, but bringing in other characters negated that as well. The Skywalker Saga is done, and now Star Wars will be done in a way that best fits it; in different shows on Disney Plus.

I cant provide feedback on the Mandalorian - we dont have Disney+ in the UK yet.

For Episode 9 though: I absolutely loved it. I hated the Last Jedi. It was horrendous. And it feels like J J tried to get it back in the direction he wanted to go. So theres loads going on - but I found that really engaging.

And as my Dad said to me after he watched it - FLYING STORMTROOPERS!

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Greetings, boys! First time, long time!

I waited to proclaim The Mandalorian my favorite show of 2019 until the finale as I had a dreadful theory on what could potentially happen, having seen Episode IX and connecting a potential plot thread in regards to cloning. Thankfully, instead, I was treated to one of the greatest season finales, not only for genre television, but for ALL of television. Plot lines were wrapped up, stakes were present the entire episode, there was a sense of danger and loss, as well as emotional weight, even for a character that was a droid. It had action, surprises, and payoffs galore, and then ended with a clear direction for the future. And to top it off, we still have Baby Yoda. 10/10, my favorite show of 2019.

Episode IX, on the other hand, did the best it could with what it had to work with. It introduced some fun new characters (Babu Friks is my oldest and dearest friend) and took us on a whirlwind of nostalgia while at the same time feeling fresh. However, the pacing seemed too rushed at times, and certainly plots threads, like Finn’s “secret” or C-3PO’s mind wipe, served as little more than dialogue as opposed to an important part of the story. I’m just glad those clone emperors weren’t being created using Baby Yoda DNA (at least, that we know so far). But overall, it was a lot of fun. Glad Chewie finally got his medal. 7/10 overall for Rise of Skywalker.

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Nobody punches baby yoda! Nobody!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Awesome series tho. Looking forward to season 2

What a pleasant show to watch. I’m a huge star wars fan since we have the same birthday (1977), but I did not get the hoopla on this show. It was very good but not the greatest thing ever like I saw online. I love anything with gina carano. (My biggest crush). I had issue with the ending. Cara was “not gonna leave mando” behind, but at the end was like, "na I’m good. I’ll stay here on this planet where apollo tried to kill us yesterday " HUH. that’s some wwe booking right there. She could have at least gotten a ride from mando. Oh well. Overall I enjoyed the show. Avoided spoilers. Good stuff. Btw would love your thoughts on “dont fuck with cats” THANKS

The Mandalorian Season Finale:

I loved this episode as it packed so much in to it. I’ve loved the series as a whole as it’s had great stories with little easter eggs here and there.

Highlights for me:

  • Droid walks through Lava
  • R2-D2 with legs getting it’s head knocked off by Cara Dune
  • Combat Carl telling Baby Yoda to ‘do the hand thing, with Baby Yoda obliging and nothing happening’
  • Mando getting and using his frikkin’ Jet Pack!
  • Great ending, now we know who the Big Bad is for Season 2 and we saw the fucking Darksaber yo! Also, what happened to the The female Mandalorian armorer? She totally incinerated a Storm Trooper by throwing it into that melting pot thing, which was bad ass.

Rise of Skywalker:
I loved this, it had it’s faults for sure, but I went in determined to enjoy it and I thoroughly did so.

  • Babu Frik is fucking amazing. The way he shouts ‘Waheeyyyyyy’ popped me huge in the cinema.
  • I banged my chair and shouted ‘fuck yeh’ when Han Solo appeared to talk to Kylo and talk him around.
  • Force teleportation of items! So frikkin’ cool.
  • Seeing Ben Solo use a blaster just like his dad did, loved it.
  • Built Kylo and Rey really well and then felt right that Ben died, having atoned for his sins as Kylo before biting the dust.
  • The Final Order look super cool and doomsday like
  • Babu Frik, waheeeyyyy!
  • They didn’t force nostalgia down our throats too much with all the force ghosts coming back, but it was just enough with Luke and Han.
  • Luke and Leia training montage was very cool

One thing I will add, is that the Palpatines kinda saved the day and the Skywalkers ended up being kinda the losers (Anakin - goes mad and turns into Darth Vader, Luke - very green and then tries to kill his nephew and turns into a grumpy old man on an, Leia - refuses to be a Jedi and serves as a boring General for like 30 years doing fuck all)

Still, loved it and the last shot of Rey on Tatooine mirroring the shot of Luke from Episode 4 was fucking mint.

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Love everything about the Mandolorian. Popped huge seeing the darksaber at the end. The whole season felt like a prologue with season 2 coming to be the main story. (No complaints though as I loved it)

Please make sure BrayD says “The Rise of Skywalker” & not “Rise of the Skywalker”. It’s the small things in life which make me smile.

Keep up the great work.

You’re my boy blue!

“The Rise Of Skywalker”?

One of the decade’s most polarizing films??

The complete antithesis of the universally-loved Baby Yoda???

Nah…Not stepping into that hornet’s nest.
You boys have fun with it, though!



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I really enjoyed The Mandalorian and half laughed/half facepalmed on E9 (less than because its comedy hit and more because there was a lot of preposterous stuff, but I wrote about it in another topic here somewhere).

Now, The Mandalorian.

I thought it was OK, enjoyable, especially if you suspend your disbelief in some of the shootouts (and as a wrestling fans we should be trained to perfection to do that). Still was laughing on the stupid things like all the stormtroopers running around in the background and not paying attention to Mando, while in the same background Gus Fring rose and took aim at him, point blank, almost; stuff like that.

BUT, the comedy of the show hit almost every time and its atmosphere was of honest joy of everybody involved. It had a positive vibe all over it, despite its flaws, something I cannot tell about E9. Sure, there was some filler (even for 20 minutes per episodes), and I do mean those few side quest stories, but it was fine, cause they were enjoyable (episode 6 as the prime example). It was a honest show and I truly appreciated that.

I did find the Baby Yoda doll adorable, but also not convincing in more than a few scenes; for example when someone was picking him from the ground. I know it is a baby and should be light, but the ease people were picking him up was like… well, it was they were picking up a stuffed doll. I am 100% positive they should’ve had add some more weight on the puppet, to escape this visual (though, maybe I am the only one that was bothered with it).

The last two episodes are a prime example of how you wrap up a story in a season, in a way that is absolutely satisfying and yet with a cliffhanger that makes you wait for the next one. Waiting for the next one.

Why IG 11 has to kill himself to kill
Like 10 storm troopers when he just killed like 50 is odd. They could have easily taken those chumps

Mandalorian was a mixed bag for me. The last two episodes were very fun and probably saved the series IMO.

I like a lot about it but there is some shockingly bad acting in parts that’s hard to ignore.

Bad acting? Other than Gina

Chris from Pennsylvania,

I’ll start off with the positives, which mostly center around The Mandalorian. I thought the season was great, and things really reached a higher level in the last two episodes. I don’t think you could cast a more perfect villain than Giancarlo Esposito and I was legitimately on the edge of my seat for much of the finale. While the story meandered a little bit in the middle of the season, I’m really looking forward to Mando’s journey to bring Baby Yoda to the Jedi.

As for the Rise of Skywalker… I want to start by saying I’m not one of these people that is super critical about everything. I loved The Last Jedi. I really liked the last season of Game of Thrones. Hell, I even watch main roster WWE most weeks, so I don’t feel like I’m hard to please. But Rise of Skywalker was a total train wreck to me. Things that should have been major plot points were rushed through and moved past before you had any time to process them. Palpatine broadcasts a mysterious message from the dead? Let’s just address it in the opening crawl. Then there was a throwaway line about how Palpatine was pulling the strings of Snoke. Or maybe Snoke wasn’t even real? I don’t know, because it was mentioned in about 5 seconds and never addressed again. The tension and rivalry between Kylo and Hux was an interesting part of The Last Jedi, but Hux got about 3 minutes of screen time here, to announce out of nowhere that he’s the spy, and then gets no follow up on it because he’s killed immediately in the next scene he’s in. And how about that old dagger that just happened to have a compass built in that perfectly matches up with the fallen Death Star? I could have excused a lot of the rushed nature of a lot of these events since I was still really invested in a lot of the characters, but once we got the reveal that Rey was related to Palpatine, I was done with this movie. It’s obvious that JJ had no unique ideas for this new trilogy, he was just going to follow the original trilogy outline as closely as possible with some different characters. I disliked this movie when I saw it at the theater, and that feeling has only grown the more I think about what a load of nonsense this was.

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Jesse from the 6

-Babu Frik is lit (He was high the whole film right, Braden?)
-Rey vs Ren lightsaber fight was good
-My GF popped when they finally kissed

-The entire premise of the film was profoundly stupid and insulting
-Horrible storytelling. I re-watched TLJ before seeing TROS & I’ve totally changed my mind. Rian Johnson should have written all three films. At the very least they should have chosen just ONE creative vision. How tf you pay 3 billion dollars for the rights to IP to make a trilogy and you don’t even bother to map out where you want to go when you make the first movie?! This new trilogy has the worst storytelling of them all. Yes, the prequels were done horribly, but the core story was there. This was a scatterbrained mess. What a colossal fuckup. It was bad and if you enjoyed it you should feel bad.

The Mandalorian
This was fucking awesome. This is everything I want out of Star Wars. There’s an entire fucking galaxy to explore let’s stop focusing on one self-absorbed family with lots of midichlorians. The casting was perfect, acting was great, set design was amazing, and Baby Yoda is cute af. My only quibbles are: why don’t they know what the force is or what the Jedi are? Luke just defeated the Empire 15 years ago and it’s only been like 40 years since the Jedi order collapsed. Also, there’s no way Baby Yoda is 50 & acting like a 2-year-old. OG Yoda died at 900, not at 2000. I know different species age at different rates but the rate of aging should be constant. Yes, I’m a nerd. No, I will not keep my voice down.

Take Care


So I watched ROS three times the first week… I should have planned better

It doesn’t get any better on repeated viewings but it doesn’t get worse. One day, if I have children, I’ll watch it again with them, otherwise, no.

I accepted that fans killed Star Wars after they chose to shit on rian Johnson and the bold moves he made with TLJ, we don’t deserve nice things. TLJ although not perfect remains a high watermark in the whole series for getting the spirit of Star Wars right.

It’s comical how much they tried to retcon that whole movie instead of complete a real story here

Trying to create scenes round Leia was a mistake, Building a movie around scrapped scenes is like creating Frankenstein.

Good things:

Daisy, Driver, Oscar, Boyega

Lando calrissian still fucks

Babu Frikk (edit, autocorrected to “Baby Afrikaans” must keep for memory)


(-1,000,000/10 for no baby Yoda)

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Not finished Mandalorian so only commenting on RoS:

As I noted in my feedback for the original, “episode IV” (which it appears I got in too late to make onto the recorded review), for me Star Wars is an exercise in nostalgia. Having seen the original in the theater when released many many years ago, and being quite impressed by it, now as I view the entire set of episodes I am reminded of my childhood.

Nostalgia is explicitly put into ep IX with all the Carrie Fisher elements. That Leia dies when her son dies is a directly play on real life, with Debbie Reynolds dying just the day after Carrie. For me, IX is irrevocably nostalgic.

But IX also cemented, along with the prequels and the other episodes of the final trilogy, this one fact: The Jedi Are A Death Cult!

We should have seen this at the very start, when Obi declares the light saber was for a more “civilized” time, yet shortly after that declaration nonchalantly slices off a guy’s arm for just being a bit threatening.

In IX, Rey demonstrates how easily the Jedi shrug off the death of people: when Rey causes the troop transport to explode and crash, she is aghast at… Chewy being dead. But what about the others on that transport? And if the excuse is that they are just Imperial goons, well, Rey’s companion Finn was one once too, yet he redeemed himself, so even Imperial goons are redeemable. But does Rey care? NO!

Rey expresses emotion over the death of Luke, she cries when she feels Leia is dead, she cries over Ben. But she only cares about those who love her. The rest? Slash and burn them!

Even the Congregation of the Sith, and the ghosts of the Jedi, are death-cult elements.

And before blaming all the death on the “dark side”, remember, as Ben says in the movie, they are a dyad: the Sith and the Jedi are two sides of the same coin.

So all this time, Star Wars has been an infatuation with a death cult.


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Finally finished The Mandalorian. It’s ok for me, but only ok. Some of the middle episodes seem like they tried to fill in some character development but felt a bit too by-the-book in the background of the main character.

The last two episodes were the best of the first seasons.

Now, as for “baby Yoda”, it seems wrong to call the child that. “Yoda” was a specific person and this child is just one of his species. Now in the future it may be revealed that his is a reincarnation of Yoda, but maybe not.

I gather the second season will be the search for Yoda’s home planet. I hope it doesn’t take 8 episodes to get there.


Charbel from Victoriaville

This section must be read by David :joy:
Hello there …
Your were the chose One
Insert chewbaca sound here plz

Everything was said so I’ll go really quick

Mandalorian was awsome on every level … stormtrooper are shit

Rots was unbelievable… best movie yet … I cried … I laughed … I was on the edge of my seat … I was surprise ! So for me it was a great success … hearing Ashoka and Kanan from Star Wars rebels made my heart so happy

To end this feedback the Disney triology was awsome even tlj … I want more Star Wars now …

Question bray d … Cara or rey …:thinking:

I just thought last Jedi was a very boring movie. I didn’t mean to destroy a franchise.