Feedback: The Rise & Fall of ECW Documentary

Hi folks.

Please leave any feedback here for the latest Bushby & Thompson looking at the ECW documentary ‘Rise & Fall’

Memories of the documentary or the company as a whole.


At the time of this being released, I had never seen any ecw whatsoever. I was not watching much wwe live product but enjoyed their documentary dvds so gave this a try, completely blind to what ecw was bar a few anecdotes I’d heard from people such as mick foley.

It instantly became my favourite wwe dvd, it was so different to anything else they had done at that time, and because the subject matter was non-wwe, they could be far more critical. I was all in, and this was the catalyst for me to seek out any ecw matches I could

These days, ecw is not the type of product I would support if it was around today. Knowing what we know now, the rise and fall of ecw could be a series. Although their does seem to be good teamwork amongst those who were employed, their are several very dark elements behind the scenes that are not touched on, or not looked into enough in this. I don’t believe ECW deserves to be looked back upon with the prestige that some give it. To paraphrase bojack horseman, when you look at things through rose-tinted glasses, how can you spot the red flags?