FEEDBACK: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

This week in our MCU review, we discuss Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok (2011), the latest instalment in the Thor franchise that shifts the series into a wildly different tone.

Joining me for the review will be film-industry veteran Daniel Perry @AntlerBeast.

Leave your feedback below and download the show Tuesday evening.

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Scrump from the PWTCAST

Has there ever been a better glow up in the MCU than Thor: The Dark World to Thor: Ragnarok?

I think visually this is the most beautiful Marvel movies in recent memory as so many of the scenes, most notably Thor coming down to fight Hella’s troops while the Immigrant Song plays, is just so visually stunning that it makes me wish I had one of those 4K TVs.

I thought Loki being in the tweener role suits his character the best because the relationship between he and Thor feels much more authentic as time has gone on.
Korg steals every scene he’s in.
Chris Hemsworth gets to show off how comedic chops which was a fresh breath of air from what we’ve seen of the character so far.
I selfishly wish they would’ve kept Hulk a secret until he comes out to fight Thor but I don’t think him being advertised hurt the movie at all.

I was bummed that Loki got taken out so quick in Infinity War because this movie made me realize how much I loved the character, but Kevin Feige recently came out and said that the Loki Disney+ show will tie in to the new Doctor Strange movie, similar to how WandaVision will also cross over, which will be interesting as that Loki is technically not this Loki.

A bummer that they didn’t keep the Immigrant Song for Thor as my biggest complain about Infinity War was him not entering the Battle in Wakanda to the Immigrant Song.

10 Korg starting a revolution’s out of 10.

Bruce from Vancouver,

I’m one of those people who finds keeping up with the entire MCU something of a chore, but “Ragnarok” was anything but. You don’t need to have an encyclopedia’s worth of backstory to enjoy it: just buy a ticket and take the ride. With its madcap “lost weekend” feel it reminded me of a stand-alone graphic novel or even an issue of “What If?”. I’m a pretty casual reader of comics, but I appreciated the seemingly conscious homage to Jack Kirby’s art style in the movie’s design. Not sure how Taika Waititi got the gig but he turned out to be an inspired choice. I strongly recommend his preceding film, “Hunt For The Wilderpeople”, by the way.

8 plays of the Grandmaster’s birthday song out of 10.

I’ve long been a DC guy when it comes to reading comic books but the ‘Planet Hulk’ series was recommended to me by a friend, and I was really happy to see some of that source material woven into this story. Fanboy Easter eggs are always appreciated.

I came away from the film fully behind this soft reset for the Thor character. While I enjoyed the previous two Asgardian films (yes, even Dark World) I feel that the comedic, campy tone better suits the outlandishness of the whole “Norse mythology in space” premise.

For my money, it’s the funniest movie in the MCU series but still manages to include some very high stakes in its plot. A bit like the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, it probably shouldn’t have worked — but it really did.

PS I’ve got to know Daniel just a little from our online interactions and his outing on the Rocky Maivia Picture Show. I know he’ll have done a great job!

This movie really drives home how much better Thor is in a light hearted comedic role then being a more serious character like he was show as in Dark World. I really love this move as it is a fun movie with some nods to Planet Hulk.

Awww. Thanks Neal. Hopefully people enjoy.