FEEDBACK: Thor - The Dark World (2013)

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Davie Portman of upNXT will join us for the review.

Eric from Sudbury

So you’ve made it to the infamous Thor the Dark World and surprise! It really wasn’t that bad was it? It’s certainly not among the upper echelon of MCU films but it’s hardly offensive right? So how did this movie get the reputation of the worst movie Marvel has put to screen? There are 3 key factors in my opinion.

1). A lack of character development. What lesson did Thor learn during the course of this movie? How did he change as a person? How about Odin or Sif or Loki?
2) The villain. Malekith the Accursed is a fun character in the comic books. Where was that on screen? Will you remember his name in a month?
3) Thor’s relationship with earth. I still don’t quite buy his deep attachment to the planet, Jane or the rest of his friends here, and I think the movie suffers from it.

Like I said. This movie isn’t terrible. The action is good, some of the comedy lands, and Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston both give fine performances. However, the film doesn’t carry a sense of importance, and with the next MCU release being Captain America: Winter Solider, a film often considered Marvels best, it makes sense why this one rarely receives praise.


I really enjoyed Thor 1 and 3 but I didn’t get Dark World. The final battle, I thought “What on earth is going on ?”. The only super hero movie with suicide squad that I did not like.

Upon re-watch I understood that this movie is not as awful as I remembered. The problem is it’s just average in a universe of great movies. I would put it on the same quality level of The Incredible Hulk: a fine movie to watch once but not good enough to ever want to re-watch in your free time.
5 out of 10