FEEDBACK THREAD: upNXT/Forever Young 16th Sep 2018

Ello, ello, ello!! Davie Portman here getting the feedback thread up early before I start at work. Braden and I will be chatting about this week’s edition of NXT plus joined by Dahlia Black to discuss the Mae Young Classic. 205 Live is also now on Wednesday’s so if you have seen it, please let us know what you think. Also we will be talking about The Nun, so if you have seen it, give us your thoughts!

Jake from The Windy City here:


I don’t about you but I like these Detective William Regal backstage segments. It’s like a game of clues trying to find out who shot JR Ewing. The main event was great, though I had a feeling that we were gonna have a non-finish from Undisputed Era. Pete Dunne does the little things right, like attacking the fingers to cause both cringe and believability. Ricochet did a good job selling the hand injury throughout the match. The only bit that dragged it down a peg was I would have been cool to see Ricochet not cleanly hit a move to sell the hand injury mid-move, but I do understand “fighting spirit” to an extent. I hope both of them eventually have a Takeover match down the line as it would blow the roof off the place.

Question: When you guys used to do your previous NXT show on Live Audio Wrestling, one of the highlight shows for me was the Best/Worst of year-end awards. Would you guys consider bringing back at the end of the year?

Question about Cruiserweights:

Braden, I really enjoyed the series of podcasts that you and Wai Ting produced about the Cruiserweight Classic a couple years ago. To me, that tournament was one of my favorite wrestling productions of all-time. When 205 Live started within the next year, they turned it into a glorified edition of WCW Thunder where they tried to place horrendous attempts of sports entertainment gimmicks on those guys. Would you agree that WWE dropped the ball so badly with the Cruiserweight Division?


When I see Toni Storm, I can see glimpses of mid-90s Shawn Michaels in her. That lady has tons of high-level charisma, a unique character, a superb worker, and is unbelievably gorgeous. That is what the complete package is all about. She should be the top woman at NXT UK.

Love the show guys. Hopefully you guys are done getting everyone in the POST WRESTLING family sick for now.

I’ve listened long enough without hitting up the threads.

I have to give Aliyah credit she’s come a long way from being on the bubble throughout most of the Breaking Ground show, her personality is finally starting to show. Lacey Evans although I heard rumors early on that she had a garbage attitude around the Performance Center. She is a star. The women’s division is in good hands right now.

I’m happy with the non-finish to the champ v champ match. Neither of those guys needs both belts. Plus, Obviously the setup for War Games needs to start somewhere.

Do you guys believe that with all of the interviews re: Alister Black in Regal’s office, that angle underwhelms if it’s not a means to debuting someone?

Pappy in Dallas

NXT: Can you guys PLEASE make it a note, when the Year End Awards come around, to have a category for “Best Matches on the Weekly Show”? Ricochet v Dunne was amazing, but without recognizing the weekly show on “best of” shows, it will get lost. When the Best of 2016 awards came around, everyone forgot about Nakamura v. Balor from the weekly show the past summer. When the Best of 2017 awards came around, everyone forgot about Asuka v. Nikki Cross in the Last Woman Standing match from the weekly show the past summer. It seems that this year especially, we have had many great matches on the weekly show, that it’s not fair that the “best of” shows only seem to highlight Takeover matches. Dunne v. Ricochet tonight, minus the non-finish, was Takeover quality. It’s time “Best Of” awards at least have a category to recognize the best matches from the weekly shows you guys recap week in and week out.

Carlos from Stormy Scotland
As always, i love Purrazzo and Kai but though i think they have “meh” characters, Evans and Aliyah are better in the ring than many on the main roster. Aliyah just keeps getting better since BG.
I really liked the Street Profits promo, the edge it had at the end just showed Fords chrisma and his nod to his wife on his top was great.
Great main event, and continues to look like my prediction from a few weeks ago is still on track!

Question…Is there any point in having the ultra talented Keith Lee have promos but no storyline? Could he be the attacker of Black? I would be down for that match up.

I just love Kaitlyn, she is my Sane. Great to see her back. Toni Storm doesnt need to be in this as she is already a star, and a main fixture of the soon to air UK NXT. I hope Mia Yim goes far as i do enjoy watching her and her match with Kay was fun.

Cheers guys, and thanks Davie for the time check.

Dave front Sydney

Hopefully I got in before you guys recorded.

Just wanted to say Dahliah Black was fantastic last week, please include her in more shows all of the time!

Plus Rico/Bruiseweight was fucking lit, fuck the WWE and their hell in a cell ppv

Great main event for NXT.

I also loved the stiff wrestling in this MYC episode, especially in the last match.