FEEDBACK THREAD: upNXT/Forever Young and 205 26th September

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here requesting all your valuable feedback for this week’s editions of NXT, MYC and 205 Live.

Jake from the Windy City

Liked the main event and kinda surprising that Dozovic dominated about three-fourths of that match. As he has done throughout his run to this point, Ciampa seized an opening, exploited it and won. Winning cleanly because he is smarter is a much more effective way of getting him heat than having him cheat at every turn. What do you guys think of Dream & Ciampa being the next rumoured program?

KB61, Perth AU

Just some quick notes about NXT.

I will never tire of watching 5 Star Lars just straight up wreck people. He has a real presence and kudos to production coz they totally nailed the lighting on his entrance. Keen to see him in a higher profile singles match.

Loved seeing my boys The Mighty pick up a win in what I thought was actually a pretty good match. Definitely the best since their return. Seeing people you used to watch wrestle for years in rec centres succeed on a big stage is awesome and still a bit surreal.

Dozer is just a fascinating looking human being. Just an absolute unit. I think he’s just great but I honestly never would’ve expected such a good match out of him. If I was Tucker Knight I’d be very, very concerned.

Thanks again lads!

Don’t read this on air but thanks for asking Dahlia my Q the other week, she went really deep with her response, it was amazing, so yeah cheers :+1:

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

NXT: Loved the Regal/UE interaction and wonder how their matches in 2 weeks will pan out (Fish makes the save maybe?) Main event was better than expected and shows Otis has main event potential. Keeeeeeith lee as pronounced by Reeves was a fun interation, keeping him around ready for a title push next year (lee not reeves). Rest of the show was a little bland for me.

MYC: Show was good, Evers looked great but the Conti/Elaban match looked rough round the edges. Good to see Isla Dawn and Nicole Matthews has something unconventionally cool and was enjoying her swagger. But as expected Io Shirai delivered and is just superb but credit to Xia Brookside who i hope becomes an NXT regular.

Question: Who do you think wins the MYC now we have seen them all wrestle? Id love Io Shirai to do it then face Sane as that match would be bonkers but think her and Storm are too good to win and would rather see Ripley or another lesser known talent win to break them through much like what the Rumble used to be for.

Cheers boys