FEEDBACK: Throwback SmackDown 5/7/21

Leave your feedback below for Throwback SmackDown or Dark Side of the Ring: Brian Pillman.

What did you think of Throwback SmackDown?
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Erin from Brampton

Man, this was an incredible episode from start to finish. The show long story of Roman and the Usos really kept me hooked. Also, I really like how Cesaro and Seth’s feud have blended in with the main story. Roman now seems to have issues from all sorts of family. His blood family, and his Shield family.

Speaking of family, what do you guys think of the Usos feuding with the Mysterios if the Mysterios win the tag titles? Do you think eventually we’ll see the entire Roman stable with all the Smackdown belts?

I don’t think you could get more disrespectful to Cesaro than starting what is obviously a much bigger story for Roman before the guy has even had his title shot. The story always had to circle back to the Usos, but having Jimmy and Roman perform the lines from the Jey/ Roman program nearly verbatim is not what I had in mind.

If I were Seth Rollins, I’d feel pretty hard done by: Cesaro wins their match, he gets a title shot. Rollins wins the match and he gets… Maybe a new suit? Decent match between those two but it felt stale.

While Bayley and Bianca were good enough, the actual women’s content on this show was atrocious. It did, however, fit the “throwback” theme of the show. Carmella vs Ruby Riott definitely had the same vibe as Sable vs Luna Vachon.

The 10-man tag was well presented and had some really fun sequences. But if it’s part of the build to a 4-way for the IC Title, what was the point of having Corbin pin Nakamura? Does this mean Corbin gets added to the IC title picture? Because it feels like he has a case that he should be.

Usually, Smackdown is miles better than Raw, but this week I think it’s a toss-up. 2/10 and I feel like I’m being generous.

Paul from New Jersey

How is this the same company that books RAW? Might have taken a little longer than expected, but Roman is the greatest thing in the business. Paul Heyman and the Uso’s are fantastic. Love the old school commercials and throwback presentation in the ten man promos. Skipped anything involving tag team titles for better enjoyment of the show. Teddy Long and Sami were fun, but this show belongs to the Samoan Dynasty. Best storytelling in years.

Jimmy Uso’s return enhances the Tribal Chief saga and it casts doubt over where Jimmy stands as opposed to simply putting the Usos back together. It was also great that Cesaro got to look fantastic going into his title match and the ending did a great job in making me believe that he has a chance and a possible rekindling of the Rollins feud is on the table earlier in the night.

It bothers me so much that the Riott Squad aren’t getting booked well and having a two minute women’s match makes my blood hot.

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