FEEDBACK: TRMPS #12: "The Tooth Fairy" (2010)

Hey POST-Marks!

Are you ready for the final edition of “The Rocky Maivia Picture Show” this decade??? Yeah…The whole “decade” thing is going to get old pretty fast. But you know what never gets old?

The Tooth Fairy! This month, I welcome @JohnPollock and Jimmy Korderas into the theater to review one of the Rock’s most infamous film roles.

What did you think of the film? Is it as bad as everyone says? Do you wish you had a secret stash of “Amnesia Dust” after watching it???

Leave your feedback, questions, & comments below. And make sure to check out TRMPS on Saturday, December 21st!

Finally, on a scale of 1-5, what rating would you give the film?

  • A Great One! (5/5)
  • The People’s Champ (4/5)
  • Know Your Role (3/5)
  • A Jabroni Joint (2/5)
  • Rock Bottom (1/5)

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Well, we do know JoPo’s feelings about spoilers…

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