FEEDBACK: TRMPS #13 "Faster" (2010)

Happy New Year, POST-Marks!

Please leave your feedback here for the next action-packed edition of “The Rocky Maivia Picture Show” feat. Kris Ealy (AKA “Kris From L.A.”) and Hanzi!

What did you think of 2010’s “Faster”?
Have you seen it?? Have you even heard of it???

If so, leave us your feedback, questions, & comments below. And make sure to check out the first TRMPS of the 2020 on Saturday, Jan. 18thth!

Finally, on a scale of 1-5, what rating would you give the film?

  • A Great One! (5/5)
  • The People’s Champ (4/5)
  • Know Your Role (3/5)
  • A Jabroni Joint (2/5)
  • Rock Bottom (1/5)

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Man, this movie is mean. After the saccharine sentimentality of his last few films, The Most Electrifying Man In Hollywood was smart enough to pull a 180; and possibly save his career from becoming cheesey kids movies.
The first 2 acts are great, but it just comes apart at the end, adding in some sort of redemption arc that seems to come out of left field. Otherwise it’s a damn fine flick, and Billy Bob was born to play the sleazy corrupt cop. Extra points for using “Short Change Hero” by the Heavy over the end credits