FEEDBACK: TRMPS #9 - "Get Smart" (2008)

Hey POST-Marks!

Are you smarter than a CONTROL agent?

If you are (or even if you aren’t), then you can leave your feedback here for the next action-packed episode of “The Rocky Maivia Picture Show”! Our guest this month will be prolific podcaster & pop-culture savant, Jennifer Smith!

What did you think of “Get Smart”? Does this film pay significant homage to the classic 60’s TV series? Do you think that The Rock should Spoiler Alert play more bad guys?? Can any comedy made more than 5 years ago avoid the trap of being “cringey” in a more socially concious world???

Leave us your feedback, questions, & comments below. And make sure to check out TRMPS on Saturday, September 28th!

Finally, on a scale of 1-5, what rating would you give the film?

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  • The People’s Champ (4/5)
  • Know Your Role (3/5)
  • A Jabroni Joint (2/5)
  • Rock Bottom (1/5)

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I do enjoy this movie but as a massive fan of the office(u.s) this feels a lot like a Michael scarn movie. Steve carrell is a great actor but in comedies, he can only be Michael Scott. Like a lot of the rocks movies though, this is filled with people who are always a welcome presence on screen, alan Alda, Anne Hathaway. Even actors with minor characters like Terence stamp , masi oka and Terry crews are always a joy to see. (There’s also the great khali, who I doubt is a joy to see anywhere).

The plot could be better, I don’t like the rocks heel turn, a better movie would be him struggling more with the admin life and carrell struggling with the spy life, then meeting in the middle at the end.

And although they caveat it with Anne Hathaway saying she looks young because of her cosmetic surgery, it just looks like Steve carrell being a creep on his daughters friend. She’s too young for you bro.

Cheers, looking forward to the review.

So you’re saying they “missed it by that much”? :rofl::100: