FEEDBACK: upNXT 01/08/2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!

Eva from London, Yes the Shayna superfan. Random Baszler fact nobody asked for: when she was in MMA pre-UFC she was also the strength and conditioning coach for her local roller derby team, the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz.

First NXT without Shayna ( Wai Ting’s female competitior of the year and thats official as it gets :stuck_out_tongue: . ) Wont lie it just feels a bit off. But i will say the womens match to open up the show leaves me with full confidence that the division she dominated and stabilized is in good hands with Rhea. Everyone stood out and looked strong (though i dont see the worlds collide match being a title unification match, Ripley should be on NXT proper fulltime, and NXT UK should not have a parttime womens champion).
Always enjoy Imperium, especially Aichner and Barthel. Hope they win the Blackpool ladder match.
Austin Theory showed against Wilde his match against strong was no fluke. This theory is a fact.
Less I say about Gallus the better
Priest is Blade minus the cool.
Balor Gargano Portland? TAKE MY MONEY NOW!
Money is on Lee or Dijakovic winning the 1 contendership for Strong’s title. Dont you forgot about Keith!
P.S Baszler is winning the rumble. Not a prediction thats a spoiler

Yo yo. Tonight’s episode of NXT was pretty okay, although I have a few small complaints.

  • Rhea’s promo was all over the place to be honest. She’s just not very good at them. Io just coming out screaming in Japanese, and then pointing at the title and screaming MINE, was probably the highlight of that segment though. The worst part though was Rhea acting kinda like a whiny raging asshole as soon as Candice came out. Toni existed I guess? So did KLR. I really hope they don’t do a title vs title match at Worlds Collide, that is such a bad idea on so many levels.

  • Bianca being egotistical and trying to steal the victory pissed off Shirai, who may as well be a tweener after tonight considering her attitude towards everyone. Guess we will be getting a feud between those two, which I hope Io wins.

  • Imperium vs Forgotten Sons was okay.

  • Austin Theory is cool and good.

  • TUE vs Gallus uh…that was a thing. But I think the arctic gets more heat than that match. It was definitely not good.

  • Give Goldie back to Ciampa

  • I see Chelsea Green has debuted on NXT. It’ll be interesting to see how she does considering she’s still kinda green.

  • Women’s Battle Royal next week it seems. For once, I don’t want Io to win. It’s way too early for Rhea to lose the title. I don’t think Io will win either. It’ll probably be either Bianca or Dakota who wins. The title match is at Portland, and it seems really obvious Rhea will retain.

  • Please don’t forget Cameron Grimes. He sold that Spirit Bomb like he died.

Question of the Week: With rumors swirling around about Io being unhappy in WWE (according to Dave Meltzer), what is your take on the situation? I feel like the rumors are BS, simply because Io posted on her blog less than a month ago that she’s super happy in WWE and NXT, and has no problems living in Orlando now.

Question 2 of the Week (gotta make up for last weekend): Thoughts on Sareee likely heading to WWE? She announced on twitter that she’s moving to the US starting in February.

Hugh from Melbourne here. First I want to say how classy it is of WWE to shout out support for the ongoing fires here in Australia. Melbourne is not in any danger but we have had smoke blowing down a bit over the last week.
The opening was a little main roster-ey but I’ll let it slide as it shows that the women’s division will be just fine without Shayna, especially with the rumour that Mercedes Martinez has signed. I did like how the throughout the show they did a lot to push the UK Takeover show but I hope they don’t do a double championship match: just have Rhea and Kay Lee defend their belts against challengers from the rival brand.
The Imperium-Forgotten Sons match may have been the Sons’ best to date, brutal and fast and hard-hitting. Maybe they should have those sort of matches with Burch and Lorcan.
The Era-Gallus match is proof that the Welsh boys should have kept the belts for a while longer. I know Wolfgang and Mark are good wrestlers but there’s not enough personality there to make such new titles feel important. Joe Coffey at least has a presence to him and should have been ringside to make it more interesting.
Austin Theory is going to be an absolute superstar, I’ve never seen a TKO look good enough to be an actual finish until his.
If the finals of the Dusty Classic are going to be at World’s Collide and Imperium vs Era is already announced I’m guessing it’s going to be The Bro-serweights vs Time Splitters, who I’m absolutely delighted to see together again.
Weird way to debut Chelsea Green, although it’s not often women have male managers so that’s interesting. I wonder if Deonna will be a part of this group too?
Main event was mental! I’m so happy for Keith getting this shot. I’m guessing there’s a screwy finish in two weeks before Keith picks up the win at Takeover.

Dan from Newmarket.(That’s how this works right?)

First time writting in, not sure if 1 year counts as a long time listener.

I signed up for the Pateron yesterday and have been listening every chance I can. Awesome content up there.


Really excited to see them vs. Gibson and Drake, that match should be unreal and here’s hoping they pull off the win and see them up against Fish and O’Reilly once again. If they keep Shelley around for one more match after the tournament, who would you like to see face them?

Also, is the “NXT friends” thing you guys do a reference to the Inbetweeners? Cause that show is hilarious and no one I know has seen it.

You guys should try Stave & Steel for your next wine Wednesday, awesome Bourbon barrel aged Cab/Sauv.

Keep up the great work, thanks for reading!

Nas from NYC

I really did not like the opening segment. It was like I was watching Raw or Smackdown. Then the wrestling started, and I was into it again.

I wasn’t sure about Riddle & Dunne teaming together. But Matt Riddle sold me on it in 30 seconds. Austin Theory is so so good. Great entrance too. Johnny Gargano is the best. A great promo. This guy can turn any crowd any fucking way. Can’t wait for that match.

I’m not yet sold on this World’s Collide shit. But I trust the process. I’m pretty sure it’ll be very good wrestling.