FEEDBACK: upNXT 02/06/2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s episode of NXT! Plus, leave all of your 205 Live, NXT UK and World’s Collide feedback if you have any as we will be chatting briefly about that as well! Ahoy!

Hello guys!

I have to say that I pleasantly enjoyed tonight’s NXT and I have a few thoughts coming out of it.

First off, I saw today that Jaxson Ryker is easily the best part of the Forgotten Sons in what is a really lame stable.

I loved Bugenhagen and I’m assuming by the reaction he got, he’ll be back. Shoutout to Drew Gulak and Matt Riddle going out there and having what was Gulak’s best match in months and Riddle’s best match in the WWE so far. The more I see Gulak in scenarios out of 205 like the Worlds Collide Tournament and of course tonight, the more I think that he should be off of 205. I think 205 as a show is fantastic, but the likes of Drew Gulak and Mike Kanellis don’t belong there, they can thrive in NXT or even SmackDown. You’ve got to at least try some flippy shit sometime in 205.

As for the main event, I was surprisingly entertained. Bianca’s looking at Io and Kairi like “Well I guess I’ll cheer for you two” made my heart full, then with this hilarious moment of Io randomly getting in the ring and helping Kairi for a solid 30 seconds with the referee not knowing what was going on, then promptly returning back to the outside was adorable.

Not much to say about Marina and Jessamyn, I wish they could have developed individually before being thrown together with Shayna because I really don’t know anything about them or their movesets. I think the “Please tag Shayna” chants say it all.

I also thought it was noticeable how fluid Bianca was in the ring this week, I love seeing her improve week after week.

Thats all from me, have a great rest of the week you two!

Josh From Southampton UK


Not the best episode but fun none the less. The highlight was that Bugenhagen fella. Though my eardrums could have done without the hideous screaming, his energy and charisma reminded me of Ellsworth’s debut.

Also, why do full sail give the horsewomen such a hard time? Sure they, like their atire, are very green but fans seem to forget that NXT is supposed to be developmental.

Anyways keep up the great work chaps

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Hi guys, few things tonight:

  • I still do not care in the slightest about the Forgotten Sons.
  • Bugenhagen is my new favorite enhancement talent and I saw the tweet NXT sent out where he came out for an encore after the Gulak/Riddle match.
  • It seems like Bianca was not too pleased with Io getting the pinfall victory. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think it’ll lead to a mini feud (Bianca is better as a heel anyways), where Io wins the right to challenge Shayna at Takeover: NY. That being said, it felt like Io came across as a bit patronizing at times tonight (in a good character development way), and it feels like there’s something sinister lurking below that smile of hers whenever she comes out.

Stevie D here, I apologize for calling you Brandon two weeks ago after Takeover Braden. I blame the Margaritas.

For the most part I enjoyed this episode of NXT. The opening with Johnny, Dream and Ciampa was heated and gives Gargano something to do before the inevitable Ciampa match.

The Forgotten Sons are kind of growing on me but mostly just because of Jaxson Ryker being a straight savage. But I can’t get over how Cutler and Blake look like two younger brothers trying to hype up their old brother on the playground before all their matches.

God was that Gulak match with Riddle hard hitting. I loved how it started so technical and turned more violent as the match went on. I swear Riddle was trying to do the Brock Lesnar Gif face from the Royal Rumble.

Not much to say about The Main Event except I laughed out loud when I heard the crowd say “tag in the Shayna.” Seems like Io and Belair might feud to see who faces Shayna for the title.

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Jalen from Pickering,

Mr. Bugenhagen, I get it, it’s fun. But this is not Japan, and you’re not Tanahashi. I hope you enjoy opening house shows, cuz that’s the ceiling I’m seeing.
Mr. Gulak, thank you for having a great match with Riddle. But more importantly, thank you for mentioning one of the greatest comedies of the 2000’s, Dodgeball!
On a negative note, I found the crowd disrespectful/annoying during the main event. This isn’t a Takeover, NXT is still a developmental brand

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH

Great episode of NXT but not the best from the standards. That Bugenhagen guy, really gives me the attention, especially the weird scream, also he looks like Freddie Mercury, and ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude mashup, anyways thumbs up too him. I’m very surprised too see Drew Gulak competing in the NXT ring, not once but twice. I just hope his card push will remain the same, until he becomes a champion soon.

Forgotten Sons? Who the heaven cares…

It looks like Bianca will lead to a quick angle with Shirai in the coming days, interesting.

Can’t wait too see Cole vs Ricochet next week. I hope this will be a best match.

Question: Will Mauro be called up in the main roster soon?

Verdict: 7.8/10

Thanks and more power for both of you my pals.

As a big Gulak fan, I was really pleased to see him in NXT. He’s charismatc, good on the mic, he has a good character, he’s a good wrestler, very knowledgeable and he’s a very nice fella (see his different interactions with other wrestlers backstage). I loved his match vs Riddle. I would have preferred a power point presentation in between the two matches.

Long time, first time.

Thought this was a good show, started off a bit weak with a Johnny promo who’s character just gets on my nerves these days but Dream saved it and followed by a forgotten sons squash. After that things picked up, great to see Gulack in full sail, Bugenhagen has a very fun gimmick and a great look, Riddle and Drew had a unique style of match you rarely if ever see in wwe and the main event was solid with Duke and Shafir gradually improving. Seems like Io is the next challenger, mostly because she was stood on the top rope yelling “i am next challenger!” at the end.

P.S Davie I am going to be at the next progress show in Camden, i’ll try and find you and say hi but i have no idea what you look like so i’ll be listening out for someone who sounds like you