FEEDBACK: upNXT 02/24/21

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!

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  • Xia Li murdered Kacy tonight. And as a friendly PSA: If you don’t wear a mask out in public and don’t properly social distance, an ancient chinese empress will come to your house and have you purged.

  • Zoey/Io had a sloppy start, but picked up at the end.

  • Never trust a man with two first names (who names their kid Adam Cole)!

  • What are the odds that Johnny and Candice send Austin to Dr. Shelby?

  • Tonight was the most interesting Karrion Kross has ever looked wrestling wise, at least in NXT.

Question of the Week: With the title match two weeks away, who do you guys have winning between Toni and Io? I’m hoping to god that it’s Io, because Toni still has yet to impress me, and she’s just not interesting to watch whenever she wrestles. She’s slow and her offense is incredibly sloppy (and that’s being generous). Not to mention her promos are just so…cookie cutter and bland. There are at least three other women I would rather see as champion before Toni. Those women are (in order from least likely to happen to most likely): Xia Li, Taya Valkyrie, and Raquel Gonzalez.

  • I had wondered that Roderick Strong, after a period of uncertainty, would ultimately side with Adam Cole but I was proven wrong. The UE collapse is getting interesting as Cole is off the deep end and beyond redemption.

  • Io Shirai has a knack of elevating her opponents and Zoey Stark was no exception.

  • Toni Storm vs Io Shirai should be Takeover-worthy. Mark my words. (I don’t expect a title change)

  • The MSK promo package was excellent and they are so, so likeable

  • Xia Li’s mean streak is working wonders for her.

  • Cameron Grimes’ homage to Ted DiBiase had me in stitches!

  • Zack Gibson and a microphone go hand-in-hand.

  • Kross and Escobar was a wild brawl that made Escobar look strong in defeat and it was cool to see Kross fight from underneath.

I’m SO glad that NXT is airing live in Canada.
So long, alternative means!

Decent show overall. Not the best but not the worst.

  • Lumis winning was quite surprising. Not sure what to think about this other than it sucks ass. I want to see Johnny out of this stupid shit even though he is doing the best he can.

  • MSK. All Night and All Day.

  • Bivens is The Best.

  • Loving Swerve’s aggressiveness. Leon is getting Ruffed around. Pun intended.

  • Zoey Stark is impressive and as per usual Io is always good.

  • I never want to get purged by Xia Li.

  • Didn’t mind the call back to Sanity

  • Escobar with the domination throughout and the Kross with the babyface comeback. Interesting. Loved the match.

  • Adam Cole is a solo man. He don’t need nobody no more. A lot of possibilities. But the promos were ehhhhhh… and this let me down a bit. Peace out to the Era.


Jesse from the 6

Wow! I was actually able to watch NXT in Canada! On my television set with the cable package I definitely have and pay for.

For me, Io Shirai is the most impressive champion in wrestling right now. She has an aura that is second to none. My dream scenario is that they actually put some focus on Asuka on the main roster and both she and Io remain undefeated until the autumn when the two can square off in a champion vs champion match at Survivor Series or at another Evolution show. I know it’s unlikely, but can you imagine?!

What exactly was Adam Cole’s plan tonight? Did he somehow know both Finn and Roddy would come out and he would have to feign remorse to get Roddy to help him against Finn? What possible benefit can Cole receive from low-blowing Roddy at the end? Seems more pro wrestling silliness to me.

Escobar should have gone over.

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