FEEDBACK: upNXT 09/25/2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!

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Decent episode of NXT tonight. Not super great, but good enough. First hour was better than the second hour though.

  • Big Boy Battlebrawl 3 ruled, and I am excited for the fourth entry in the BBB series.
  • Dakota Kai’s return was…okay? It felt like the audience sorta stopped caring partway through the match, and while I’ll attribute it to ring rust, it feels like Dakota was really sloppy/overly cautious. Also her new finisher is…not great. I kinda feel like she isn’t going to be the big babyface that people are hoping she will be.
  • Matt Riddle vs Killian Dain was great. It was a typical street fight though. I was hoping it would spill out around Full Sail again.
  • While it was nice to see Rhea Ripley, I feel like she’s going to end up like Bianca if they don’t give her a clear alignment soon. She was a full fledged heel tonight, but a face against Shayna. And it doesn’t leave much room for being a tweener either.
  • Cameron Grimes vs Raul Mendoza went on for WAY TOO LONG. I legit felt like I was watching a match on RAW, except somehow even worse.
  • Main event was fine, glad to see WALTER is hanging around Full Sail still.

I am very bummed there was no mention of Io Shirai tonight either.

Paul from New Jersey

Dakota Kai gets me high. Cameron Grimes does not. Show kind of died a bit after USA, looking forward to Cole Bro.

Won’t be able to watch NXT for a few more hours.

A thought occurred to me today, that the canary in the coal mine, as far as NXT and any future Vince McMahon influence, i s KUSHIDA. Watch how he is presented. McMahon has done poorly, always have, in presenting the Japanese talent for who they are. If KUSHIDA is a presented as a star in NXT then Paul L. still has his ways, but if KUSHIDA starts to be buried, then McMahon is influencing NXT.

I don’t expect this to happen until AEW pushes NXT to change.


Eva from London
Phone is about to die so quick thoughts
Show great!
Djak and Lee did it again.
Good seeing Dakota back.
A Wild Ripley siting!
Stellar 1st hour main event
Fashion Police were a letdown as Kushidas mystery partners.
Second week in a row with no Shayna?
If shes losing title to Candice i would have appreciated at least a promo package this week.
Question 1. If Shayna loses the title next week, then what was the point of having her front and centre on all the nxt on usa advertising?
Question 2. If Shayna somehow continues her glorious reign next week, then which of the other two title matches should have a swap? Or should they stay with the current champions even with a Shayna retention?
Question 3. Who is your favorite NXT ref?
Keep up the good work Bray and D.

Harry from Houston,

Decent episode of NXT. I really liked the Grimes vs Mendoza match in particular. I don’t know why but that match really entertained me and is the kind of jobber match that I feel like is the backbone of NXT.

Ari from montreal
I like the fact tht they are introducing already established talent in "non squash"matches…its the way you put these new talents in the back of peoples minds
However, 2 weeks in we are exposed to almost the same people which is good…but my question is will they try to go back to not having everyone on every week after their debut on usa and the launch of aew? I believe they have enough starts to not always have to shove the same one over like they tend to do on raw and smackdown.
Also Braden any news on what we are going to called? BDErs or BDEists?

Hello fellas! Long time first time here. Been listening since the LAW days…

Keith Lee and Digac was BIG lads wrestling at it’s best… my favorite match of the night. They stole the show. Keith Lee is money!
Has Dakota Kai used the GTK before? Interesting finish…
Matt Riddle and Killian Dane delivered… I really liked the last few minutes.
Ria Ripley shined against whichever jobbette she squashed, I don’t remember who… isn’t that what squashes are supposed to be? Shine up the star and forget the jobber.
The 1 2 tag match was super predictable and dragged a bit… probably could’ve been shorter. The main event 6 man tag was alright… kinda makes sense for the guy with the goofy Marty McFly gimmick to find partners with a goofy gimmick… that’s what Imperium is fighting against. Walter vs Kush next week?

This was a really good show. Better than last week. Mauro was excellent tonight… best in the business. And showing what happened during commercial breaks was a really nice touch.
My only complaint is the crowd. They were into just about everything, but it’s just such a small building. And Beth Phoenix is still not good.

I plan on watching AEW on Wednesdays and NXT on Thursdays on the network… so I’m not sure when I’ll post again here. But I’ll leave feedback on the Patreon shows. Thanks for the podcasts and congrats on the Patreon launch. Looking forward to having more BDE in my life. lol

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

So happy to see Rhea doing so well in NXT (US) now, Team 1-2 should be next in line for the Tag Titles after next week right?

Unrelated to NXT, congratulations on all your patron success! Looking forward to more BDE bonus reviews!


MJ in da Club

Corey Graves and Carmella just walked in. And it’s hilarious. And they are making out. And he’s cheap.

That’s all,
Going home to watch NXT now.