FEEDBACK: upNXT 10/02/2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for NXT Live on USA (with limited commercial interruptions). Braden and I will be running down the show immediately after NXT finishes. One request…please no AEW spoilers…I don’t read ahead!

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Interesting choice to start with the title match especially with a relatively clean finish.

The last couple of shows you guys have talked a bit about talent going back to NXT from the “main roster”. I’m of 2 minds, I think it works ok when it is guys like Dayne who haven’t really been established on the main roster and we barely saw. I don’t mind that too much. What I think they need to avoid is perpetual midcard talent coming down and beating guys in NXT. For instance I live Cesaro, but he has been defined down on Raw/Smackdown and I don’t want to see him come down and beat guys on NXT because it definitively puts the brand as a step below the other shows.

With the Balor return I’m not really sure I don’t want to see him on the top of the card unless it is to put over the talent already in NXT.

Paul from New Jersey

Let me just say you gents watched the better show. Cole and Riddle was great. I want a Io Sharai Dakota Kai feud to see who gets us higher. This has been a butt ton of wrestling. Let’s do it again next week. I’m out.

I’ll break yo fingaaaaas.

Awesome show tonight we got the best show on TV gents. Incredible show tonight. My highlight was the return of ciampa. Got goosebumps.

Hey dudes,

What a show. I watched both AEW and NXT simultaneously tonight and thought NXT was the better show. Not to say AEW was bad, it was very good, but this show was simply better. The opening title match was one of the best matches of the year, Gargano/Thorne ruled, and the main event was fantastic as well. Who would’ve guessed Finn would return to NXT?! Absolutely wild surprise, and of course the big surprise to close the show with Ciampa returning. No matter what show you watched you got good stuff.


Very surprised Shayna retained, but whatever. I feel like with Io winning against Mia Yim tonight, she’s being built up to replace Shayna soon as top heel, if she hasn’t eclipsed Shayna already from a fans perspective.

I feel like having swapped b/w AEW and NXT, that NXT had the more consistent show tonight in the ring. Very excited for the return of Balor and Ciampa as well!

Also Mia apparently doesn’t learn because she wants another shot at Io Shirai despite losing clean. Also Io’s moonsault is incredibly brutal but still clean looking. I also decided to look at the Watch Along that WWE was airing, and they had Keith Lee on when Mia Yim lost. Ouch.

Eva from London

#AndStill your NXT Women’s champion…
Good stuff all around (except for the picture in picture the wrestling picture was way too small for me to make stuff out).

Excellent opener with Riddle Cole…nearly fell out of bed when Balor’s music hit

Gargano Thorne solid but has Gargano finished matches with that move before?

I was so pissed when I realized the women werent main eventing (but with the ciampa return i totally now see why) but they nevertheless put on a fantastic match, Shayna put Toronto with Mia in the rearview and not only gave me the pleasant surprise of retaining but of doing so clean. Thats two successful defenses in a row without interference. #AllHailQoS

Tag match delivered by all 4 guys…Ciampa brought the house down.

Cole vs Ciampa vs Balor at WarGames take my money now

Question: who does Shayna face next in her quest to break Asuka’s record of days as NXT champ?
Thanks for putting up with my feedback. Keep up the good work B and D. Sincerely yours E.

I was a couple of months away from existing when WCW went under so this night was so f’n exciting. Both shows were highly enjoyable imo and hopefully both companies thrive long term. #PowerOfPositivity

Ken-Ken from the Internet,

Cole vs. Riddle was just straight fire. Hell of a way to open a show, only to have the demon king himself to return home. Cole vs. Balor. You can’t take my money fast enough.

Dream keeps improving on the mic. I’m glad to see he’s moved on to another couch. Maybe make sure it’s fire proof this time. I love the way he ends his solo promos with the “dream over.” More of this.

I found it interesting the cruiserweight title is now “NXT cruiserweight” title.

I just think IO likes to hurt people. Is there something wrong with me if I think it’s ok for her to hurt me?

Davie, serious question. Do brits really hate fingers, or people with a hand full of fingers? I saw you for a split second at All In during John and Wai’s live podcast. I felt bad not saying “hi” and wishing the best for Braden the best (I believe he was sick that Saturday if my memory serves me right). Would you snapped a finger of mine had we shake hands? All joking aside that was a great match for both guys, especially for Burch.

Cheers to wrestling!

This is the problem with NXT/WWE being so reactionary. Logical next War Games match is Imperium vs. Undisputed Era now that Imperium has debuted on NXT. But they forced a Balor return for the reaction to counter AEW, then immediately followed up with Ciampa being back confronting the same champion. NXT is feeling over-booked already 3 weeks in and 1 week into the head-to-head battle. New Brand, New People, same reactionary WWE group-think, whether Vince is leading it or not. This is group think.