FEEDBACK: upNXT 10/09/2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s edition of WWE NXT! Throw em up!!

Great match with Rush and Gulak, interesting that they referred to the title as the NXT cruiserweight title. It is an odd fit for NXT as a lot of the roster fits that size. Makes me wonder if they went with Rush because he is on the smaller size whereas Gulak is larger than guys like Gargano and Cole.

Also interesting that Breezangos gimmick is full on male stripper now.

Great to see some more promos and programs being set up on the show as we have had mostly just straight wrestling since they went live.

Lastly loving that they have let matches run over the end time as it adds to the drama when you cannot predict when the final segment will end.


Hours behind you so I’m writing this before I watch tonight’s NXT, but I have a question based on the prior three weeks on USA:

How do the commercial breaks affect your feeling about an NXT match?

I find the commercials take me out of the moment, and the matches feel less intense to me than in the old days of NXT.

Ahoy! (Why on Earth did Vince McMahon turn her heel??)

Paul from New Jersey

I chose to start watching NXT first soley because I am aligning myself with you two over DJ and Cowboy in the wars. Thought AEW was the superior show this week, but there was a lot of good stuff on this one as well. I thought Nigel made a mistake by calling it the NXT cruiserweight title. So glad this was not a mistake and the cruiserweights can live here and stop wondering what they are doing with their lives. Every six months I ask myself, is that Aliyah girl still employed? Apparently yes. Everything came to a screeching halt when Dakota Kai was jobbed out a week into her return. what the fuck? Are there no other female workers in the back? Send Aliyah’s ass back out there. I really don’t understand the decisions this company makes at times. Kai still gets me high. I would like to eventually see her challenge future champion Io Sharai. AEW wins this week for me.

Mcfryyyyyy!!! Read my fax.
Another great outing from the guys and gals of nxt. Lio rush killed it glad to see him turn it around. Swerve vs strong was my match of the night. Bianca Bellaire is a star in the making. She has really won me over. Video packages were great as usual. Next week looks to be another stacked week. Loving all the extra content guys keep up the good work

Eva from London
I unfortunately missed most of the last two matches due to computer glitches but silence is better than watching AEW.
Other than that good show great matches Gulak vs Rush Strong vs swerve (nice LU reference there Mauro). My only problem was they didnt announce any matches for next week.
Looks like based on last week with Yim Shirai they are setting up Shirai vs Ripley vs Belair. Based on the reception tonight, Ripley is getting that shot against the "most dominant nxt womens champion in history (Rhea’s words not mine) "
She better because Belair doesnt do it for me and Shirai had three tries.
Question: Same wine as last week?
Keep up the good work Bray and the D


Chris from Pennsylvania,

Last week I watched AEW live for curiosity purposes, but this week decided to go with NXT. Really strong matches to book-end the show, with KUSHIDA & WALTER being particularly great. I like that they went 10 minutes over and used the end of the show to set up the matches for next week. It’s a great way to grab the attention of any AEW viewers flipping over for the final minutes. There were a couple of slow spots in the middle, but I think they did a better job of storytelling this week. Felt a lot more like what a regular weekly show will be like. Will definitely be back next week for Lee-Dijakovic



Mauro rhyming Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares like Shakespearean poetry is something I never knew I wanted but now need in my life.

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Heya guys,

Really enjoyed tonight’s show and will always watch NXT live over AEW. I loved seeing Rhea Ripley destroy Aliyah and Velvetine Dream’s promo on Roddy was priceless. The Cruiserweight Title match was awesome and main event was epic, but moment of the night belonged to the Eric Bugenhagen sighting. I think Damien Priest should hang up the Archer of Infamy gimmick, shave his head, and be the Vin Diesel of NXT. He already has the look, voice, and celebrity lifestyle.

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Brief thoughts about NXT tonight:

  • I liked Strong vs Swerve
  • Did not care at all for the Forgotten Sons vs Breezango match
  • Belair vs Kai was a weird match. But I guess Dakota is firmly going to be in midcard territory going forward.
  • Rhea and Bianca both declaring their intentions to go after Shayna’s title is nice and all, but people seem to forget Io is lurking in the shadows as well.
  • WALTER vs KUSHIDA was great.

With Kairi and Asuka winning the women’s tag titles, would you like to see them come down to NXT and work with Io for a bit as a unit?

Tyler from Orlando,


I finally made it out to Full Sail to attend a show. I was really pumped for Rush & Gulak & man did it deliver! I wanted Rush to win badly & he did so my night was made instantly. My friend who came with me had never seen Isiah Scott before & he left saying his match with Roddy was the best match of the night. Dark matches before the show included Riddick Moss defeating Bronson Reed & Kayden Carter defeating Deonna Purazzo.

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