FEEDBACK: upNXT 11/06/19

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring The OC vs Riddle, Lee and Ciampa. Ahoy!

Eva from London, Yes the Shayna Superfan with the third edition of random Baszler fact nobody asked for: when she did MMA, Mauro Ranallo is actually the one who gave her the submission magician nickname.

Oh things have been a great week in the Queens Army. Beating up Bayley and Sasha Friday, verbally smacking down Becky Lynch Monday, and picking Io and Bianca to her Wargames Team today. Prediction: Dakota will be Shayna’s final pick, likely next week.

Show was great as usual but I figured i would give the floor to the rest of the Post Marks to discuss the nonShayna aspecta.


  1. with all of nxts champions in wargame matches, what will be the other three takeover matches?
  2. Who is winning: Becky Bayley or Baszler?
  3. What was the Wine this wrestling Wednesday?

Keep up the great work at the BDE

Paul from New Jersey

Dakota Kai would get you high, but she’s off for a cry. This episode had good stuff on it, but I thought they really cooled off the brand supremacy bit in a matter of five days. Sure, Soccer mom styles & the cool dad’s showed up, but it felt so formulaic already. Nobody jumped the barricade from RAW or SD looking for revenge on their dastardly attackers. Shame. Taynora winning was cool though.

PS, officially a Patreon, loved the screen review and Heath Slater fan 4 Life.

Okay episode of NXT tonight.

  • Angel Garza continues to rule, and it is now canon that he can’t reach full strength if his pants don’t come off.
  • Rhea Ripley is a massive goddamn dickhead. And also insanely stupid. For several reasons. First off, picking noted super loser Mia Yim (it doesn’t help she hasn’t won a match in quite some time kayfabe wise either), and also for being a jerk to Dakota. Rhea seems to think power solves everything, which will be her downfall.

Going to make a bold prediction for next week’s NXT: Io is going to win the ladder match when Dakota comes out and screws over Mia Yim and Team Ripley. And then she’ll get added to Team Baszler. It was noteworthy that Tegan didn’t even try to comfort Dakota after that announcement, and they uploaded a post show segment where the interviewer tried to ask Dakota about it, and she was pissed off at everyone on Team Rhea.

This show really made me wish the OC were treated like a big deal on the “main roster”. Their take over tonight just felt underwhelming.

Did either of you watch the NXT take over parts of Smackdown or Raw?
I thought Smackdown was well done but most of the stuff get dull.
I wish they had put someone other than Cole in the Raw main event or at least let him talk instead of Hunter all the time.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

Good show tonight, but I wanted to focus on how great that closing angle was. The last couple of years, the lead in to Survivor Series has been weak. Existing feuds were ignored and people came together for no other reason than “brand supremacy.” I loved how fluid everything was in those final minutes. Finn’s an NXT guy now, but he comes out and helps his old Bullet Club buddies, even though they represent Raw. Adam Cole comes out for his revenge on Styles, but also attacks Ciampa because they are currently feuding, even though they are both NXT guys. I enjoy the attention to detail and it makes me legitimately interested in finding out what’s going to happen next.

Cno Evil here… I mean Cno Evolve

Wow what a show… loved the presence of the OC, as it makes perfect sense for them not having any emotional attachment to NXT from ever being there, that they would go down there and tear shit up… what the hell came out of Fish mouth during that beat down?

That ending was such a mind fuck… first Finn teases an allegiance with Styles, then him and Cole smile at each other ? Two former Bullet Club members fighting over another former member ?? Why don’t they all just join together !!

Glad to see Santana vs Taynara… did you notice Robert Stone fka Robbie E in the front row scouting.

I think Dakota def becomes Shaynas final member. If they are Team Kick… does that make you guys… Team… Stick? Like Kendo? Will you guys be watching 205 Live from Full Sail this Friday as it should be NXT heavy… NXT taking over everything this week including EVOLVE with Cole, Ciampa, Shotzi and newly announced NXT’s Reina Gonzalez and more… hope they have good shows . They must really be selling Gargano’s injury because he has been pulled from the EVOLVE shows this weekend. Keep doing your things, brothers.

Sango from Malaysia here.

It was great to see Dakota Kai getting in the face of Shayna Baszler tonight; it wasn’t that long ago when she was scared to death just hearing Shayna’s name. Wonder how Tegan is going to handle her BFF not making the cut for Rhea’s team.

Loved the Cruiserweights match; the pants powerbomb spot was a thing of beauty. Angel Garza is a stud, and I can’t wait to see how he and Lio Rush will build on their rivalry. Tony Nese, on the other hand, needs an intervention; his “abs” gimmick doesn’t work when you had Finn Bálor showing off more chiseled ones to a larger audience.

Main event was super fun, even though it lead to a non-finish. I love the screentime Keith and Riddle have been getting together; two larger-than-life characters who can’t help but hype up the crowd with their talent. Still don’t see Bálor linking up with either The UE or The OC juuust yet.

(Side note, shame this ep didn’t mention NXT’s own Mansoor going over main roster’s Cesaro.)

Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the Bruiserweight break your fingaz~

Hey guys wanted to let y’all know THE ROCK just bought a house 5 min away from me no big deal

Prayers up for Bobby Fish’s exploding face

I’m happy anytime Taynara is on screen

Serious question: if Poppy can play out Io Shirai then can we get Hot Girl Megan to play out Matt Riddle??? #StallionBattalion

Don from Sunnyvale, CA here.

Hello and hooray! First time, long time.

Now I want to see Styles vs. Riddle. Their interactions showed just how much AJ must be holding back.

Wasn’t a fan of the non-finish or Riddle’s crash and burn, and the ending of the show was flat.

All good wrestling tonight as the two hours went by much faster than usual. This is what I look for in my wrestling. The Garza/Nese fight was great, as was Shayna and Dakota. Such a huge turn around from Kai. Those tuning in to see what Shayna was all about didn’t get to see her dominate, but this match made Kai. She looks ready to take the next step.

And Taynara got a win! Granted, it was the weakest match on the show, but she won! All is right with the world. Well, that and Shafir/Duke are not in WarGames. Whew.

Keep up the great work. New patreon subscriber and I’m enjoying all the extra content. Ta ta!