FEEDBACK: upNXT 11th December 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT!

Eva from London
Random Baszler fact nobody asked for: the muscle car Shayna showed off in that promo vignette, she nicknamed "WuStang.

For the match next week all Im going to say is it will be a barnburner and should main event, and that assuming my gut is accurate and Shayna drops the title, im calling it now, you’ll all miss her when shes gone to Raw or Smackdown. Haters gonna hate :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick notes: amazing cruiserweight match and im a sucker for proposals. Garza is going places
When is the last time Mendoza won on tv? And kushida babadook?
Dakota’s heel turn was great, why are they booking her like a joke?
Great promo vignettes for both Baszler and Ripley.
I still hate Belair’s braid. Shes talented she doesn’t need that gimmick anymore.
Main event was good but not the level it could be.

Paul from New Jersey

Happy for Angel Garza. Gets the gold and the girl. this is just how I would love to propose. I either need to start training or buy a wrestling ring. Wrestling gives me the feels. I recall seeing this really cool Kiwi named Evie at many an indy show. She became Dakota Kai & seeing her being a big part of the best wrestling show on television is really cool. Mauro is hands down my favorite commentator. His references and knowledge is top notch, however I think I like him because when a new character debuts I believe it’s pivotal for the announce team to do everything they can to help get them over instead of just arguing with Renee like a jerkoff as the match goes on in the background, but I digress. Solid show, but that Breezango entrance gave me bad memories of Right to Censor. Awful. Question, Dakota Kai is getting me high, but Braden, where’s ya girl Io at? She scared? Love you guys.

Hi there.

Will say this now. Dakota took a wicked bump tonight and I hope she’s okay.

Speaking of the women, WHERE IS IO? Are they afraid to put her on TV because she got stronger positive reactions at times than Rhea at War Games, and did get stronger reactions at Survivor Series?

Also it was really weird seeing Keith Lee lose tonight. I thought for sure he was a lock to win.

Hugh from Melbourne. Happy Thursday Afternoon from Down Under!
Rush-Garza is a late contender for TV match of the year! Congrats to Garza for the win and for breaking millions of hearts with that proposal. Who’s going to be his first challenger? Maybe they can start using Joaquin Wilde as I hear he was on the house shows last week coming back from injury.
Was Mia Yim’s post match assault the fastest anyone’s ever recovered from eating a turnbuckle? I hope Dakota’s head is ok after that table bump. Looks like they’re heading for a street fight with Dakota and Mia where I hope the heel actually gets some offence in.
The triple threat was amazing, I nearly lost it when Ciampa hit the Air Raid Crash on Lee.
Finally, what matches do you guys want to see for Worlds Collide? I want to see Breezango vs the Grizzled Young Vets. I think Gibson and Drake would make the perfect foils for Breezango’s brand of silliness, and I’m curious as to whether Gibson can work an American crowd on the mic like he can in the UK.
Always great to listen to you guys and Happy Holidays!

Sango from Malaysia here.

First off, shout-out to my boy, Raúl Mendoza, getting his 2nd win at Full Sail this year! He’s been one of my favourite high flyers for a while, being wicked-fast and pulling off every move with a nice, painful snap. Here’s hoping he’ll build on his success and challenge for the NXT Championship down the line.

Another MOTN showing from Lio Rush and Angel Garza. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. I can’t decide which spot I loved the most: the stolen finishers, the out-of-balance Spanish Fly, the double Flair flop, Garza rolling out of his pants… so much good shit to choose from.

My favourite match besides that was surprisingly Kayden Carter vs Bianca Belair. It’s great to see Bianca on her own again after WarGames and Survivor Series, leaving her free to throw Kayden around with impunity. Kayden’s offense was fun to watch as well, and she somehow managed the rare feat of getting me to cheer against Bianca.

Cheers to more NXT and BDE UpNXT.

Noah from Texas!

Interesting episode of NXT tonight. Really loved the CW title match with Garza and Lio also with what looks to be a double turn! I’m interested to see how Garza plays a face going forward.

I do have to rant with this Dakota heel turn… I think its awful. First of all, she is a complete loser, never winning matches. She also has absolutely no heat. I have no idea what the thought process is behind booking Dakota since her turn. She carries Tegan’s kneebrace, but it has no emotional weight because we rarely saw Tegan and Dakota together. When Dakota does get a win, she immediately loses and gets sent through a table by Mia

They should have had Dakota stay face, go in the match (replacing Tegan instead of Mia) and prove she isn’t the weak link THEN you have TEGAN turn on Dakota. Dakota went from a lovable underdog to a pathetic heel. Rant over!

Matt from the 604

LIIIIIIIIOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOO. I really hope they have a rematch, but I also don’t want the title to hot potato. Hopefully Garza has a nice run with it; I honestly think the title has been booked better than both the Intercontinental and USA title.

Random question: What restaurant food would you rather eat everyday for the rest of your life, sushi joint or pizza place? (You can have anything off the menu)

Nas from NYC

Got home late so was watching the whole show on a delay. And idiot me got the CW title match result spoiled on Twitter. Initially disappointed that Rush lost, but the match and the proposal was perfect.

Hope Dakota is ok. That was completely reckless. Not a fan of the match either.

The main event was ok. But expected more. Not sure about Balor winning. But surely this means Johnny Gargano will interfere and cost Balor the title next week. Really looking forward to the Women’s match. All in all, a good show. But maybe not to the level of the last few weeks. Still better than anything on Raw or SD. That dog food angle FML.

Watching the WWE 24 special on NXT Takeover Brooklyn in 2015 in the USA Network right now. It is awesome. I’m going to back and watch the show tomorrow. Can’t believe I missed out on all these for so many years.

What’s the point of Keith Lee winning just to lose to Adam Cole?

It’s a three man race. First two will lose to Cole and last one will win. Balor is first one to lose, biggest question is which of Lee and Ciampa get the last match

I could see that road, I could also see possibilities where Balor wins. That probably won’t happen but of the 3 him winning right now would make the most sense.

Nice Episode. The two underdog wins back to back was really strange (Mendoza and Banks).

I was legitimately shocked that Balor won. I don’t think NXT has ever done a 1-on-1 heel vs heel match for the NXT championship. They normally rely pretty heavily on the face vs face dynamic and providing relatively clean finishes in their main title matches.

What’s the point of having Balor lose to Adam Cole? Both are the biggest stars on the brand. It would have been Keith Lee’s first shot at the championship and a loss could have been character building. Whereas now it either needs to be a messy finish or Balor losses and doesn’t have anywhere to go.

I would also be fine with Balor winning and Cole and the UE turning face. The crowd already cheers for Cole and the UE.

I can see several possible outcomes for the match
1.) Gargano returns costing Balor the match
2.) UE interfere costing Balor the match or Causing a DQ.
3.)Balor wins and UE face turn.
4.) Balor wins and ousts Cole from UE and assumes leadership.

I think Lee losing is worse as he has already lost in his bids for the Tag belts and the NA title recently. With the momentum he gained at Wargames and SS I don’t think putting him into a title match to lose is a good spot. If he went for the title I think he would need to win far more than Balor does.