FEEDBACK: upNXT 12/09/2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of WWE NXT!

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I enjoyed tonight’s episode of NXT quite a bit!

  • More Rhea/Raquel? Yes please! Or Raquel will beat Rhea to get a shot at Io at New Years Evil. That’s what I think might happen, especially since Rhea’s no good awful 2020 is not over yet!

  • Toni Storm getting throat punched by Io ruled. Especially with Io’s logic, which makes this storyline simple as can be (and simple is sometimes good!). Io doesn’t have a problem with Toni, she just doesn’t like her! It’s basic, but good enough to base a story on.

  • I did not care about the majority of the mens stuff, but at least its good that Karrion Kross is back.

  • The triad stuff went from interesting to one of the must see parts of NXT after that package tonight.

No real question of the week. But this was a very solid episode of NXT, helped mainly by the women.

Chris from Pennsylvania,

I was really impressed by the main even tonight. Raquel and Ember had great chemistry and put on a really fun match. Nothing else really stood out in terms on in-ring tonight, but I feel like NXT did a good job of setting up their next storylines. The return of Kross immediately feels like a big deal, and I’m interested to see a match between him and Priest. Kushda possibly being set up as a challenger for Gargano would be a great direction and I feel like we’re either getting a Thatcher-Ciampa alliance or a rematch in the Fight Pit. Sign me up for either of those.

Eric from Michigan

Hi guys. First time commenting, Love the great work you guys do!
Excellent opening to the show. It’s really good to see Finn back tonight and his promo was top notch. Thought the interplay between the possible competitors was quite good and they all got some good verbal shots in at one another. I do love having the title picture heat back up with the trio of KOR, Dunne, and Priest all possibly in the mix. Of course having Finn call out Kross and for him to show up was great as well. Thought they might tease his return out a bit longer, but why waste time, eh?
Easy to overlook this match but I also really enjoyed the competitiveness of Swerve/Atlas. They’re doing well balancing Atlas’ “lack of experience” while still building him up. If Swerve teasing a heel turn gets him more on-screen time, so be it.
Women’s division continues to shine. Top to bottom. While I don’t need Rhea/Gonzalez again their last match was so good, why not!? Gonzalez continues to improve and I think getting her up against Io will deliver as well.

It took only one segment to reset the main event scene with Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly and a little later on, Karrion Kross each laying claim to the NXT title. I was on edge when Scarlett came out to confront Finn Balor. The matches tonight were strong with Ember Moon and Raquel Gonzalez in the main event with the latter winning clean as a whistle. Johnny Gargano’s celebration promo was hilarious stuff with his new faction. Austin Theory being the lunkhead could have potential. The three way tag match went a long way to refocus the tag team scene. The Xia Li/Boa storyline continues to be intriguing.
A notable lack of star power with The UE, Dakota Kai and Shotzi Blackheart still reeling from WarGames. Solid stuff all around.

Any combination of Balor, Kross, Priest, Oreilly and Dunne would be great but I do want to see Priest actually get some wins and I can’t see him getting it against Kross in Kross’ first programme back. Will be interesting to see what they do with Cole & Ciampa going forward as well. Would like to see Strong get more focus on him as well. The main event/upper midcard scene is stacked with talent. A couple should definitely go up to freshen up the main roster but with how Vince presents them, the freshening up unfortunately doesn’t go too well…