FEEDBACK: upNXT 12/16/20

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Porter requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s NXT featuring Toni Storm vs Rhea Ripley, a Number 1 Contenders match between Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dunne, Leon Ruff & KUSHIDA vs Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory, Tommaso Ciampa vs Tyler Rust…and more!!

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  • Don’t care for Austin Theory winning considering he’s still a massive creep.

  • Ciampa/Rust went for way too long. I ended up zoning out and playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon (I strongly suggest playing it) for most of it, because I first thought it would be a squash match.

  • Indi/Shotzi was a complete trainwreck of a match. Part of me thinks that awkward trophy DQ finish spot and the half assed beatdown afterwards was because WWE mercy killed that match. It was BAD.

  • Toni/Rhea was…fine? But it still shows that Toni is well below a lot of the other women in the division. It wasn’t a match I would go back and watch. Toni is just really bland and sorta underwhelming compared to the other NXT women, and she had this problem on the indies as well, especially in STARDOM.

  • Very excited for the triad montage next week. My sources tell me that Boa and Xia will be forced to watch TNA Victory Road 2008 and 2011 over and over for next week.

I have no idea why, but I’m kinda irritated that WWE has figured out that NXT has the best women’s division on the planet, but then both matches tonight flopped or were massively underwhelming in every regard.

I would also talk about TLC this Sunday, but nothing interests me outside of who Asuka’s mystery partner is.

Matt from Newfoundland.
Didn’t watch NXT. Rarely do outside of the takeovers if I’m being honest but I wanted to take the time to remind everyone that if you have Amazon Prime you have Twitch Prime and if you have Twitch Prime you can subscribe to one Twitch channel a month. So do me a favor link your two accounts and subscribe to it won’t cost you anything and it gives the boys a couple bucks.

Hope the show was fun!

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Jesse à MTL

I can’t watch NXT on Wednesday nights because I live in Canada where it doesn’t air until Friday night. It’s simply impossible to watch it here until Friday.

So I can’t comment on tonight’s show but I do listen to you lads every week and I have a question.
In recent weeks you’ve expressed contrition at sounding too negative on the product. I don’t think you have anything to apologize for, it’s not your job to pump the tires of NXT. But I do wonder about the cause of NXT’s struggles. You’ve both talked about the growing WWE-ification of NXT since they debuted on USA and the formulaic nature of their big matches. But I think there’s a third cause for the malaise: fewer call ups.

We always thought of the call-ups as a problem for NXT, but maybe it was actually helping them stay fresh. NXT has never had to book former champions for extended periods of time. Gargano, Ciampa, and Cole are all legends of NXT; it’s really weird to see them underused, miscast, or simply in the mid-card at all. What do you think of this theory? What do you think could be a solution?

Take Care

Eric from Michigan.

KOR v Dunne was fantastic and that’s all that needs to be said.

I really liked the heavier focus on in ring action tonight. Helped to start with a strong tag. Agree on Shotzi she is a star even if this “match” seemed pointless. XIA/BOA continues to hold my attention as the weirdest/yet most intriguing angle going. Kross looked like a killer somewhat (pun intended) The Way were entertaining. Ever Rise promo time? (what is life?) . Cool to see Rust get so much focus early on. Reed is coming back! Rhea and Toni was decent and continued the feud with Raquel. And of course Kool Kyle and Peter Doon was…fire. Can’t wait for the rematch we’ve been waiting for with Finn. Really enjoyed this episode and looking forward to New Year’s Evil as it’s shaping up nicely. Shoutout to Goldberg vs Matt Martel

Alright mates. Watched both shows on double screen flicking the volume between and to be honest I think NXT had the better show. I’m so much more interested in “The Way” now they have a name and feel more like a stable. Gargano/Kushida is great to build to but I’d like Gargano to get a few defences first and build to it.
Kyle/Pete was great, I’d love to see Pete move up the card more in 2021. Kyle/Finn 2 should be another war, I just hope it doesn’t end in an injury again!
Best part of the show for me was Xia/Boa’s story. I’m so intrigued by what’s going on there, my only worry is they’re making them and the leader look almost too strong, they’re killing each other there.
There’s still a lot which I’m not feeling in NXT at the minute, and it has been a bit stagnant but I also haven’t even mentioned Kross coming back or Bronson Reed’s return being pushed or anything happening with the women which is still so fluid at the top - hopefully 2021 sees a fresh era of NXT back to the heights it used to be because the talent is there across the board.

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Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dunne shut it down with a Takeover-level match. The submission counters were so fluid and New Year’s Evil got a Takeover rematch for free, put it in my veins. Dexter Lumis becoming the host should be a hoot. Karrion Kross didn’t miss a step in his first match in 4 months, he needs to be in a lengthy match and I hope Damien Priest gives it to him. I hated that Indi/Shotzi getting a DQ finish. The opening tag match was very fun and I hope we get Kushida/Gargano down the road. Rhea/Toni was a solid main event with Raquel Gonzalez getting the last word.

I’m certain that I’ll watch Kyle vs Pete again.