FEEDBACK: upNXT 12/27/18

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for the final episode of NXT this year! We will also be announcing very soon the categories for the NXT 2018 Review!


Jake from The Windy City

Gentlemen, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, hope y’all are having a great holiday.

I thought Ciampa had a great promo this week from the back of the semi truck. He just proves that he is the ultimate puppet master that will never cease to be amazing.

Fun tag team main event tonight as NXT always manages to execute. I believe this was one of the Machinery’s better matches and their evolving is being shown greatly. Entertaining show as always.

Couple Questions:

  1. Where do you see the NXT Tag Title picture going heading into Rumble & Mania weekends?

  2. European football question for Davie: Any thoughts on the Premier League and/or the Champions League so far?

Wassup Happy New Years and belated merry Christmas to the both of you

A good final episode of 2018 for NXT I’m happy to see BelAir get her opportunity for the NXT woman’s title at takeover, but idk about the Forgotten Sons what do you guys think the glass ceiling is for them cause the crowd was silent thru out the match plus the fact that it was no commentary for the match didn’t help,… the puppet master Ciampas promo to have Gargano face Ricochet at takeover for the North American championship was a great idea I would love to see that match, the main event was a very good tag match the Undisputed Era is the best in the whole WWE/NXT

Thanks guys for the podcast love listening to y’all while I’m at work and I’m looking forward to see what NXT has for us in 2019 cause 2018 was pretty dope :v:t5:

Jalen from Pickering,

This wasn’t a great episode, but there’s a lot of good to take away still.
Bianca Belair will be the best thing in women’s wrestling in about 2-3 years. Her and Montez Ford can be an incredible onscreen power couple in the future.
I genuinely forget about the forgotten sons time. I dislike everything about them, except Gunner’s physique. The match was so plain that I didn’t realize I was watching a match until he hit his finish.
Ciampa is the best world champion currently on one of the top 3 best brands currently. What a great promo and proposal.
I’m hoping heavy machinery have a chance because they’re big, but you never know anymore.

DavidGeorge from Manila

Very intense and awesome Tag Team Main Event, i expected the Heavy Machinery to win but O’Reilly and Strong use their brutal tactics to overcome their victory :star_struck:. And as the womens Fatal 4 Way match earlier, good but not the best, I hope Belair will turn face soon as she is now a contender to Bayzler’s Womens Title in the coming days :+1::blush:.

Couple Questions:

  1. When will the Undisputed Era will gonna drop their Tag Titles??
  2. Kinda off topic but gaming related, may I have a permission to use your likeness (along with John and Wai) for various wrestling games, just for personal play (i.e WWE 2K, Fire Pro Wrestling)

Thanks and God bless :wink:.

Hi there! I left a long wordy post about NXT last week, so I’ll try to keep it short this week.

I felt the Women’s Fatal Four Way was very sloppy. And while I don’t mind Bianca winning, I don’t see her winning at Takeover: Phoenix. I assume Shayna isn’t being called up until after Wrestlemania (I have a reason for saying that), and if the rematch clause being retired also applies to NXT (and it would actually help if it was retired since NXT has to tape quite a few episodes in advance unlike the main roster), then she shouldn’t drop it until Takeover: New York. Otherwise she will get lost in the shuffle on the main roster on the Road to Wrestlemania (as there isn’t really a spot for her currently, especially with Lacey and Nikki being called up).

My reasoning for Shayna being called up after Wrestlemania is because if Ronda loses at Wrestlemania, I think she’s turning heel (since she doesn’t handle losing all that well). And I can see Shayna coming up to the main roster to align herself with Ronda.

I honestly feel like the person to take the title off of Shayna at this point seems to be Kairi or Io. ESPECIALLY since I don’t think WWE can resist the urge to crown one of them champion at New York in front of the STARDOM roster (who will likely be in attendance, as they have a show a little earlier in the day). Bianca needs to suffer an actual loss soon. Her undefeated streak right now is fine, but it would quickly become overbearing if she were to win the title. Unlike Asuka’s streak where she was undefeated in a division full of awful to mediocre talents (with a few small exceptions), Bianca is undefeated in a division full of insanely talented women who also deserve title runs sometime soon.

Thanks, and I hope you guys had some great holidays.