FEEDBACK: upNXT 13th March 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s NXT. Plus, The Lads just saw Captain Marvel, so give us your thoughts! Ahoy!

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Hi there.

As per usual, The Forgotten Sons are completely forgettable.

Shayna laying out Io, Kairi, and Bianca was a hilariously poor decision (on her part), and it was great seeing her have to deal with actual consequences for her actions for once. That being said, I really hope they don’t have Jessamyn and Marina ruin ANOTHER good match at Takeover. Because I can see the crowd coming unglued when Kairi and Io start to face off against each other.

It sucks that Ciampa had to go in for neck surgery, but at the same time, NXT lucked out with Gargano laying him out before then. Otherwise if Ciampa had gotten the upper hand, things could have gotten messy in my opinion.

Anyways, with the fatal four way being set for Takeover, who do you guys see walking out with the title? I think it’ll probably be Io, considering her momentum is intensifying pretty hard, and Bianca’s is stalling out.

Andrew from Cape Breton

This maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think the Forgotten Sons should go all the way. Last week they had a good match and maybe with the right opponents, they’ll be fine. They’re better then Baron Corbin for instance, and he existed just fine in NXT. I do hope they look at Gargano’s kick as being the final thing that damaged Ciampa’s neck, and that’s why he had to go for surgery, to build the story even further, potentially on the main roster.

As great as this whole Ciampa/Gargano angle has been, the biggest negative of it is what it has done to Candice LeRae. One of the most talented performers in NXT has had the gimmick of being someone’s wife, with no other character trait. I kinda want WWE to call up Gargano full time just so he can get away from Candice and she can flourish on her own. 7 out of 10 show tonight.

Sushi master chef charbel from Victoriaville

First of all the bray d is always in love with all the nxt ladies , I have two very Important question that would make my day … are you in love with Cathy Kelly because she is so lit and so is Jess the ref …plz bray are you in love or not ?

I know you guys hate the forgotten sons ,but since last week there really getting better and we can feel their chemistry , and in my opinion they are already better then some team on the main roster for example the b team , the major brother !

I think also shayna as come a long way , that outside segment at the end with her acting was really good in my opinion , I think after nxt takeover she is really done and going up !

I think I cried at the entrance of diy … my first nxt tv episode that I watched was nxt takeover Toronto , I was blown away about what tag team wrestling could be so thank you diy ! I can believe we dint hAd the logo before ciampa turn , did the guy who took care of the logo at the end got called up to the main roster ?

At my restaurant someone stole all are tip that we share between sushi maker juste me i lost 300$ In a week and I’m fucking mad , I’m the owner and now I can’t trust anyone and that sucks , just before my wife give birth to my fourth child in two weeks, I hope everything Got better for you bray with that job that screwed you ,

What would make me really happy is if you could give some nxt spoiler to davie so he could be pissed at you for the rest of the pod

Terry from Colorado

First time in a long time lads. Awesome show tonight both tag matches were fire. Tyler bate is a freaking beast. Really sucks that we won’t see the conclusion of gargano/ciampia it was looking to be another classic.

Saw Capt marvel last Fri really enjoyed it the back story was one I wasn’t familiar with but as a father of a daughter it was really cool to see her get so pumped about a female lead. Keep up the good work lads look forward to all the shows.

Maureen from Kentucky

The show was good. I loved how Johnny outsmarted Ciampa. Do you think Johnny will stay in NXT now since Ciampa is hurt?

I saw Captain Marvel and I thought Brie Larson acted like a robot. Her scenes with Samuel L Jackson were really good. I give it a C. Overall I think I put it at the bottom of the Marvel movies.

Maybe the next movie to review should be Aquaman. Just a suggestion.

Love the show.

Ari from montreal
All i can say is that the ending was bitter sweet…it felt like your 10 years old and your best friend is moving away. Maybe theres a chance you meet again…but not so sure.
Seeying Gargano get the first step in his revenge was good to see…but sucks that thos was a pre-tape. Still lookong forward to Takeover though.

Question: do you guys ever see undisputed era win all the titles at the same time before being called up?

I figured out The forgotten boys gimmick. Jackson is a father who didn’t know he had twins, so he’s desperately supporting his boys into doing great, and will do anything to get them to succeed. He’s proud of his sons.
I still hope they lose. A fair well match for aleistar and ricochet against the war raiders would be a better send off, and would elevate the tag team in defeating two singles stars.
Hope to see you mania weekend. I’ll be at JJSB3 day 1, BLP and mania. Thinking of going as a pirate. Mania needs more pirates.
Question: would you guys ever do video game reviews?

Cast me as the negative-nancy, but a show like this week’s NXT strikes me as superfluous.

Sure, who doesn’t want to see DIY and Ricochet/Black in a good tag match. But it all seemed so OBE to me. And with the Forgettable Bunch beating Mustache Mt., this now leaves the Dusty Rhodes tourney down to a team no one remembers vs. a team that is already on Raw/Smackdown and who should be on the WM card, not the TakeOver card.

Also did not like how the Io vs. Bianca match went down. Maybe the management doesn’t trust their female talent to be able to put on a top notch 1-on-1 match, but given that Io and Kairi are about as good as women wrestlers come, that supposition doesn’t make sense either.

At the heart of this week’s episode is the dichotomy that reaches to the very essence of NXT - is it really a brand, or is it just a holding tank until Vince McMahon needs some warm bodies to play with on his own produced shows?

I read the spoiler that Jon put up about Paul L. deciding on the 5-way and then ending up with Cole vs. Gargano for TakeOver, but why was Gargano given the spot? And with Gargano now a Vince play-thing, did Paul convince Vince to send Gargano down to NXT only and not be on Vince’s show?

TakeOver is not looking very enticing to me, save for the Walter match for the UK title, which I hope delivers.

Hey there guys! Long-time First-time!

Dylan from Louisiana

I have a feeling we could be getting a Forgotten Sons tournament win similar to AOP a few years back, but I feel like Moustache Mountain vs Ric and Al would’ve been a way more exciting final than trying to get over a generic tag team of long-tenured jobbers.

I was really beginning to enjoy Io and Bianca before the run in and I think the 4-way will be an excellent showcase for the sky pirates and Bianca and maybe give them a chance to get the title off of Baszler and build some new women in the division.

The closing angle was great and the conclusion at takeover would’ve been so rewarding to see, but a second serious injury for Ciampa is terrible and I hope to see him heal up and I’m trusting that they will figure out a great way to end the feud.

Keep up the excellent work on the pod and thanks for reading!

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH

The Forgotten Sons of Anarchy, in the Dusty Cup finals??? Bravo, *slow clapping5x :clap:

Karma strikes courtesy by you Tom Boy Shayna; you F*cked it up. Nonetheless the performance of Io Shirai is awesome totally she is on path of glory.

Can’t wait to see Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole in the coming days or the next episode.

The tag team main event is a 5-star :+1:, no complaints whatsoever. But I would say, is it me or Johnny Wrestling really cemented his face turn? Can you re-confirm it.

No questions for now. Next week for sure :blush:.

Take care and chat with both of you soon :wink:.

Hello Braden an Davie, i see there’s 10 responses before mine … have a good day!

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