FEEDBACK: upNXT 19th December 2018

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT.

So I have a few comments tonight regarding the women’s division (it is very long and I am very sorry for ranting this much).

First off, I was very unimpressed with Jessamyn and Marina’s debut. It felt like they had no psychology and tried to copy Shayna’s mannerisms. Which is fine and all, but it kind of falls flat when Io comes in and effortlessly bulldozes them (to the point of where both Marina and Jessamyn got zero offense in on Io). More on that later.

Second, who do you guys have winning the fatal four way next week? The field has been set with Mia Yim, Lacey Evans, Bianca Belair, and Io Shirai. I think its safe to eliminate Lacey Evans from the equation since she’s getting called up. Which leaves Bianca Belair, Mia Yim, and Io Shirai. And Mia Yim isn’t exactly high profile right now, which places her below Io and Bianca.

So that leaves Io and Bianca, and both have significant upsides and downsides to winning. If Io wins, it would position her as the top female babyface of NXT almost immediately. And it would further her character of being virtually unrivaled in the ring. On the other hand, her winning this early would probably be bad since there are some out there who feel she has no character at all right now, or needs more development. I also have another reason which I’ll bring up at the end of this rather long (I apologize) feedback post.

If Bianca wins, it would finally grant her the title shot she deserves. However, that’s pretty much the ONLY upside I can think of. Both Shayna and Bianca are full fledged heels, and I cannot imagine the program being all that interesting (both from a storyline and workrate perspective). Especially since Bianca’s only defining character trait right now is clapping her hands and talking about how she’s undefeated (and she doesn’t have a major SINGLES win against any major talent, only lower tier/unestablished talent).

That being said, I feel like at the end of the day Bianca will likely win the F4W. They can’t keep putting off her title shot forever. HOWEVER, I do think she will lose at Takeover: Phoenix. Bianca also desperately needs more character development, and it would feel completely wrong to have Bianca take the title from Shayna. Like I mentioned earlier, both of them are heels, and even if Bianca became more of a tweener, it wouldn’t be good storytelling to have anyone but an actual full fledged babyface beat Shayna and send her packing from NXT. Which I don’t see happening until Takeover: New York, considering it’s very likely that after Wrestlemania, Ronda will likely need backup to deal with Charlotte and/or Becky.

I feel like considering how dominant they made Io look tonight, it’s very likely she will likely end up being the one to take the title from Shayna at New York, assuming she doesn’t win the F4W next week. I don’t see Shayna losing at Phoenix, because assuming the whole “no more rematch clause” thing applies to NXT as well, Shayna is likely getting called up after she drops the title. And having her debut as Ronda’s ally the night after Wrestlemania is a lot better than either at the Rumble or the night after.


Let me start by saying it’s been great listening too you guys this year, I’ve been down since day one ish! Davie since your de-but you guys have become a great team . The DIY too John an wai’s revival. Speaking of DIY, how amazing was that cage match, that stare down after the knee super kick combo gave me chills. Side note… did you guys get the new moves dlc on wwe2k19? It’s mostly all indi moves, Ospreay’s storm breaker is done perfect , an they even got the pushing standing moonsault from that team in impact.

Anthony from Melbourne

Not exactly NXT feedback but I caught up on your MMPR movie review this week where I left some rather long rambling feedback taking about how good parts of the cannon story-line was, assuming you guys would have some recollection of it. sorry

Since it was obvious you didn’t and especially Braden didn’t think highly of the movie I would love for you to add the 4 episode story arc to one of your reviews, in fact I have 3 suggestions for you to at least watch and maybe even review that I think will be popular amongst listeners.

  1. Green With Evil (5 part introduction to green ranger)
  2. Ninja Quest (4 part cannon story line on how the rangers get their new powers in place of the movie, many similarities to the movie but done MUCH better, would be great to hear you guys compare)
  3. Countdown to Destruction (2 part finale from power rangers in space that was meant to be the last episode of power rangers ever under the original 6 year story arc and may be more interesting to yourselves as fans if you never seen it. This treats each previous season as part of one continuous story-line and involves the conclusion of Zordon and cameos from many villains throughout the entire history to that point)

As you can probably tell I’m a little over the top with this but that just because WWE sucks lately and I’de find this more entertaining, NXT is still cool tho.