FEEDBACK: upNXT 19th February 2020

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT! This week features a grudge match between Roderick Strong and Velveteen Dream and the newly crowned NXT Tag Team Champions, The Broserweights, in action against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch!

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Harry from Houston,

I just watched the ciampa segment and I just have to say, does anyone else find ciampa completely unlikeable here? You’re telling me Ciampa has the nerve to complain when he ruined Gargano’s life for a year? The only reason he became champion in the first place was because of Gargano, and he thinks he has the right to be mad when Gargano evens the score? What about that time where you interfered in one of his matches and cost him not only the title but his job? Screw that. Maybe if you at least apologized for trying to end gargano’s career I would agree with you but you didn’t even do that. Johnny did nothing wrong and is the babyface here, plain and simple.

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Eva from London

Honestly been a shitty week so far unfortunately this meant nxt was on in the background during the first hour so i only caught bits and pieces of those matches. Eva’s three notes of the week

  1. The tights were funny when he came back but velveteen dreams twitter game this week crossed a line into downright creepy, saying stuff like Roddy isnt a real man for not having a problem with Marina keeping her maiden name, and he is now a full fledged heel in my mind. Portray Dream as a babyface all you want WWE, im not cheering for him anytime soon.
  2. Happy GYV look like they are on NXTUSA for a more permanent run
  3. During Shayna’s promo on raw this week, the graphic still listed her as being on the NXT brand. No matter how much he wants to, BrayD can’t escape Baszler.

Paul from New Jersey

Bit of a pedestrian show to me. Nox & Kai in a cage will be fun. Unless Raquel Gonzales loses the ability to climb, I think we might be seeing her in that match. Bone to pick with a one Davie Portman, Dakota looks great OK?! She totally doesn’t look like she’s annoyed because her dad grounded her and she can’t go see the good Charlotte concert. I digress. Then it happened, your main event, KONA MFN REEVES BABY! Time for a Kona Reeves fact everybody asked for. Kona’s real name is Noah Kekoa Pang Potjes. Really hope BRAYD has to read this. Hey anyone notice Keith Lee’s finisher is the BBC? Did I miss this? Cheeky.


Hugh from Melbourne.
An average show overall, I thought the crowd seemed low energy for a lot of it. I really enjoyed the Cruiserweight title match, and I fully expect Devlin to defend the belt at Takeover Dublin, or challenge WALTER.
Austin Theory seems like a guy who’ll get the rocket strap, my bet is he’ll be North American champ come the end of the year.
Tag matches were good but are they really trying to turn the Forgotten Sons face?
Finally where do Lee and Dijakovic go from here? It’s not a blood feud but a sportsmanlike one, so I can see it being either an Iron Man Match or a 2-out-of-3 Falls.


This was possibly the weakest episode of NXT I can remember in a very long time. Almost nothing held my interest, and the only things I can remember is Bianca challenging Charlotte to a match (and Kai/Nox being set up for a steel cage match), which will probably be on TV in a few weeks. And oddly enough, I don’t care. They aren’t going to let Charlotte lose before Mania, and I don’t see Bianca being inserted into the Wrestlemania match.

Kai/Nox in a Steel Cage match would be a novel idea, but I can’t help but think Vince has some input on this show now, because literally no one believes Reina/Raquel isn’t going to interfere. Steel cages NEVER prevent interference. And it’s insulting to the viewers to tell them otherwise at this point. So this cage match is going to underwhelm just because it’s so obvious there will be interference, and Dakota will likely win.

Overall, this was a very poor episode of NXT, which is why I gave it a 5. It was unmemorable, there was very little storyline advancement, and it really feels like Vince is calling some of the shots now, because you could see some of his habits leaking into this show.

Charbel the chose one

Seriously on nxt takeover I dont know why but I fell in love with nox … maybe the pants …

Dint have time to leave feedback on takeover so here goes
Kai/nox was really good , best match lee and dijak

Nox get my nuts hot

Sango from Malaysia here.

Very nice Cruiserweight title match tonight, as expected. Can’t stop gushing about Lio Rush; everything he does is so swift and crisp, even his missteps are smoothed over instantly. Devlin is great in-ring too, but a champ like him desperately needs better theme music.

Great to see the Finest, Kona Reeves, make his return to TV this year. Hope to see him take the belt off Keith Lee in their next match-up.

Shout-out Bianca “Yeezy” Belair for the mid-match interruption. Hope she won’t be cast aside in the lead-up to Wrestlemania. I really want to see her in the title picture.

Cheers to more UpNXT!

MY BOYS ,wat up doe

Well I guess they all can’t be home runs because this episode was meh af. we had some wrestling that was fine , awkward promos an a subpar crowd that ultimately left me itching to flip an see what was happening on dynamite, a rare stinker tonight , but I didn’t expect much after maybe one of the best takeovers ever, 4 out of 10 sockless loafers. gross

Just got caught up with takeover and this week’s episode because of work.

My thoughts

  1. Lee vs Dijakovic - Couple of spots looked a bit forced, but the match overall was excellent.

  2. Kai vs Nox - The match was good and the ending was flat, but when Dakota absolutely nailed Tegan in the head with the trash can lid, I audibly gasped. It was so unexpected.

  3. Balor v Gargano - My match of the night. Both of them were really good and I really enjoyed how there were signs of Johnny turning heel in this match. The John Wu (Woo?) over the table was just as @AndStill likes to say, mint.

  4. Rhea vs Bianca was fine for what it was. Rhea has rather been meh as champion for me. She doesn’t have the flair that Asuka had, the sheer babyface energy that Kairi had or the legitimacy Shayna had. I think she’s solid but not spectacular.

  5. The Match was great, all these four guys bring it. As much as I was expecting Rydell to turn heel as I thought it would be Ciampa’s first program after Mania, I think putting the belts on Rydell and Doone was the right call. NXT has a serious lack of tag teams and putting it on a new team opens up the division a bit, especially if Grizzled Young Vets are here full time. PLUS PLSSSS GIVE ME KUSHIDA VS KO’R RIGHT INTO MY VEINS.

  6. The main event was great barring the end, but Johnny as a heel just seems miscast. I’m sure he’ll do a fine job of it, but firstly, Ciampa did way worse shit to him so he’s absolutely justified to hit back. Secondly, he just works much better as a baby face and Ciampa much better as a heel.

The show was a solid 7.5/10. Great matches from top to bottom, but I had to rate it lower for myself as I was spoiled due to a very hectic work week and not being able to catch up until last night.

As for NXT, Devlin v Rush was really good. Other matches were okay, no match stood out. GYV is a welcome addition to the depleted tag scene that NXT has. Kai/Nox should be fun, but doesn’t feel like the urgency that Cody vs Wardlow had for this week.

I think the first challengers for Rydell and Doone could be GYV and I hope for Summerslam or Survivor Series, they can eventually get to Rydell and Doone vs Bate and Seven. Doone going against MM along side Rydell. Possibly a good place to turn BSS heel as all three of them are fantastic at it.

This whole thing with Velveteen is just really awkward. I don’t really like it and I want it to stop. I feel like this thing is headed towards something something, who has the bigger dick (Which obviously Roddy can’t win) or Marina on a Pole match. Just have my NXT friends not talk about their dicks please and thank you.

NXT itself was a an alright show. Not great but not bad. AEW definitely blew it out of the park this week.